Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Couva is a town in west-central Trinidad, south of Chaguanas and north of Claxton Bay and San Fernando.
Local time: Tuesday 8:19 PM
Weather: 81°F (27°C), Wind E at 12 mph (19 km/h), 89% Humidity
Population: 21,000 (2000)
Hey Everyone!
This week has been pretty busy! 2 months down!!! Couldn't write yesterday cuz of holiday. But it's just been normal missionary work, and that's never ending haha but it's been good tho. We did some service this week by breaking cement and tearing it out for this member. It was great, it feels nice doing some work like that for a change. It's also cool seeing how that softens the person's heart up too!

We had transfer calls this week and I'll be staying in Couva for six more weeks which is great. I really like it here! But we had district meetings and the topics was Christ like attributes. I've been studying about this too. As we develop these attributes it really helps and blesses us in our lives. Whether it's faith, hope, patience, diligence, charity, and many more it's important that we try to work on being better for ourselves. We get too caught up in life sometimes but as we try to be more like Christ we see a difference in our lives and we will be happier. And it goes to the quote that I've always like "be better than you were yesterday" and as you continue to do that you'll see a positive impact in your life. So as I learned about that I thought it was pretty neat haha.

We had an exchange for a day too, so I went with Elder Dulaki, he's a stud, he's from Fiji and is a rugby player but he has a gentle heart. It was great learning from him and how he teaches cuz it helps me teach. 

We have also been setting some baptismal dates too. We have one with a guy named Dwayne, and he reminds me of the Rock. He is a great guy and is progressing very well. So I'm hoping and praying as we continue to teach him he can get baptized.
Other than that it's just normal missionary work.

I miss and love everyone so much and i hope all is well! 
- Elder Colton Bastian
(have to put Colton now since there will be two Elder Bastian's haha)

***This is a few things he put in my email I thought was good to share!***

But I got Dad's email too! I really enjoyed it! I'll try writing back to him soon!!It's great to hear from him. I already wrote a quote down from him haha
So how did the boys baseball do? State?
And NBA, who won?
And I feel like people are takin my stuff in my room so put it back;) hahahaSearch up Glorious by David Archuleta
The Ocean is behind us!

Just drinking coconuts in the sunset  :)

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