Sunday, April 17, 2016

WEEK 2 Pics

Elder Bastian in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Temple

Some of the many friends he has made in the MTC.


I'll try writing as much as I can before they kick me off again haha but it sounds like everyone is doing good so that's sweet! That's awesome trev got king, atta kid and that's too bad you brodie couldn't have lunch. I enjoy hearing from you and everyone!! so keep it up. It's hard writing back sometimes cuz I forget what you ask me haha so I'll do my best! but I'm thinking about you,  everyone tho. Even if I can't respond sometimes!!
And I'm doing good! You don't have to worry about me haha. I'm making some pretty good friends and thats been good to have! I'll have to maybe write you letter about the whole mtc and everyone here cuz its too much to type and I suck at typing haha. but I remembered about my phone haha that was pretty funny, i thought you were serious!
And I'll send pics this time! They aren't the greatest and I look weird in them but that's fine I guess haha. I like seeing the pictures you send too. And you can put whatever on the blogspot, I won't be too picky haha. Elder Durrant is pretty cool too and I'm of course staying up on being swole;)
Alot of these elders are cool! like I said I'll send a letter eventually about them and everythiung cuz I think It'll be easier haha.
Anyway, I'll be leaving to Trinidad Monday morning! Pretty nervous but I learned alot here at the mtc so I hope I can remember everything for it. And my p-days will be Mondays now but this next Monday idk if I can write you, hopefully I can! It's crazy to think I'm a missionary at times ahah 

Tell everyone I miss them alot! And tell trev to start preparing haha cuz he's gunna need it, and tell him good luck with prom too! I'm excited to see where he gets called! And tell Brit and dad I miss them and good luck too!!!!! And of course I miss you too! haha , tell Will hi too and tell him dominican's are good at soccer haha

Love you guys!!! And miss you too!
I'll talk to you guys real soon!

Love Elder Bastian


Letters to family

       Happy late  birthday mom!!! hope it was a good one! thanks for keeping me updated! I dont even know where to start, there's so much to talk about in a little time! Im glad everyone is doing good! I couldn't wait to email you guys. Your emails make it seem like I haven't left so thats good, I like to hear everything. I'm excited for trev getting all that done, I can't wait to hear where he goes and the prom thing looked sweet it was an awesome idea. I love hearing about everyone its so great!
It's alot different in the MTC, we do so much. We start at 7 and end the day at 930, and all during that is studying planning and teaching. It's crazy how much stuff there is to do but I'm learning so much more than I ever have. And my companion is Elder Polanco, he's a pretty good guy, he is from the domican republic. There's about like 15 to 20 missionarys here so it's not alot of people which is nice but the teachers are really cool. It was hard at first cuz everyone spoke spanish so their english is not the best but I can understand it. This seems like the longest week ever! 
       IDK if I'm forgetting to talk about anything else or not, I'm little on time so I cant talk as much as I want but I want you to know that I miss you guys like crazy and I love everyone and thanks for being such great parents. That's awesome trev is getting stuff done, tell him to study preach my gospel and the scriptures, he needs to know, cuz at first the mtc was super tough but dont let that scare him.
Anyways,  I miss you guys and I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well!!!
talk to u soon, I wish I had more time to write:/     also let everyone know that I was on a time limit like gpa and gma and preston and those guys... I feel bad I cant write back to them! also I'll send  pictures next week I promise!
Hey! It's way weird hearing Elder Bastian but I think I'm use to it now cuz I always hear it here! I'm glad everyone is doing well! I have little time to write so I'll try to cover over alot of info, the food is good they feed us alot, its not too much differnt, alot of rice beans and meat. The wether is hot and the humidity was getting some use to. The people here are nice and I've met some pretty cool elders here too. I'm always busy here in the mtc but I've already learned so much and the spirit here is so strong and my testimony has grown alot too. I've been able to attend the temple twice now which was a great experience! 
I have to get going so I want to let you guys know that I know our heavenly father answers our prayers and always listen to the spirit to guide! 
They are kicking me off the computer now but love you guys and I already miss all you and everything in marsh valley
I'll write more next week

Love Colton
**Needless to pictures for this week. Hoping for some Week 2

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Act of Kindness

I, Angie (Colton's mother) received an email from a random person. Once I opened this email to my surprise a gentleman was down at the MTC in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and was able to meet my son and sent this to me:
We had the privilege to meet your son on Sunday at the Santo Dominican MTC where we were visiting. We were able to watch conference with him and the other missionaries in the MTC.
He is well and there is a wonderful spirit there.

Mark Kelly Davis
Bountiful, Utah
Elder Bastian and companion while at MTC Elder Polanco
What a wonderful act of kindness to take time out to send this to me!!!

Meeting people at airport

When you become friends with people and they share their moments with you
Elder Colton Bastian and Elder Colton Durrant
Lori Durrant (mother) sent this picture her son shared with her.
A very welcoming surprise and appreciate her.
These 2 men were at the SLC airport at the same time but had different flights
Hope they become great friends, from what I know now, they have alot in common.

MTC Arrival and letter

Arrived at the MTC
Dominican Republic
March 30, 2016
Hola! Como estas! 
I am here in the MTC now, i got here about 2 i think. My flights went well! i didnt have any trouble at all, everything went well! Money transferred was good and he was a pretty cool guy.Flights were tiring, i tried sleeping when i could but you cant really sleep in a plane so im pretty tired haha. I met up with some missionaries in Atlanta and they are pretty cool guys. The MTC is nice, its not crowded at all. I think i'll stay here 2 or 3 weeks, which we kinda new. And while in the MTC the P-days will be on thursday not monday. but not tomorrow so youll have to wait till next week. And no packages to the MTC so youll have to wait till i get out in the field. Just making sure you knew.Also everyone in the MTC is pretty much talking spanish so that parts hard haha. Ill start classes and stuff tomorrow. Met my companion too, he is from the Domican Republic but hes good at english and hes pretty cool. Well theres not much more to write cuz theres not alot that has gone on. But wanted to let you and everyone that i got here safe and its been great so far. And i already miss you guys! its alot different being on your alone haha. Also i dont think i can write brodie yet so tell her everythiung i just said and tell her i miss her too. Love you guys and i'll talk to you guys in a week! 

Also i know my spelling and grammar is bad but this doesnt have spell check at all haha
Group pic with Missionaries from MTC

President Brent and wife Sister Ella Romney greeting Elder Bastian  

Salt Lake City Trip

SLC Dinner and Airport
Last Day In The United States
March 29, 2016

Best Kids Ever
Trevor, Colton, Britney

Last Dinner in the USA

This is Love

Officially suit attire Missionary
Trolley Square
Making sure everything is still there before airport
Did all of us just go to the Dominican?
Nope just a car we seen in route to airport
Hope they believe this is the same person. lol

Seasoned traveler
Mission Bound
Here you go sir and yes that picture on my passport really is me!

He believed me...YES 
Off to Dominican Republic MTC
Wish me luck!

MARCH 20, 2016
The Elders and Sweeden
Preston Armstrong, Ammon Marshall, Trevor Bastian, Colton Bastian, William Samuelson, Stryling Morris, Riley Kofford

Bastian Family
Britney, Angie, Colton, Matt, Trevor

Bastian Grandparents
Christine, Colton, Lynn
Logan Temple
Colton, Lynn, Lytton, Hans, Christine Bastian

Logan Temple
Christine, Lynn, Colton, Hans and Maeli Bastian


The Elder Preston Armstrong

The Conversations
Colton and Brodie Orgill

Elder Colton Bastian and Kelsey Goodworth

Opening his mission call

December 7, 2015
Elder Bastian has been called to serve a missionary in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission
(English Speaking). You will report to the Dominican Republic MTC on March 30, 2016.