Tuesday, December 27, 2016



This was on Christmas Day trying to Skype with everyone. My connection was super bad and kept freezing and signing me out. So I called my President and asked if we could set it up for the next day at the mission home, he kindly said YES! So I was only able to talk with my brother in Mexico for a second but was able to talk with the rest of my family the day after Christmas. To inform my parents of this.....my kind church member let me call home and share the news! What a blessing to be able to do that. I thanked them and wished them great blessings and Happy Holidays.

The day after Christmas Skype Call
It worked.....I can see you!

Hey wait......where is Britney?

YES.....she's on here too!

After talking about my experiences with my family and catching up it was time........

I don't want to but it's time to say goodbye.....

I will share more with all of you next week.
One Love-Elder Colton Bastian

Tuesday, December 20, 2016



So Elder Colton Bastian has been busy and he said so sorry for not writing this week, he sent pictures instead and will be explaining them to us on CHRISTMAS DAY! That's when I get to see my boy's face and hear his voice! One HAPPY momma coming up!! The first two pictures are from their Christmas party with the President and his wife......THANK YOU Brodie for tagging me in them :)

Oh and let me know if you have any questions for him in the comments and I will be happy to ask...

At the Mission Home trying to let us know that Monday won't be their p-day

Trinidad Missionaries at the Mission Home for the Christmas Party

The 1.4 pound package finally made it after $100+ shipping.  So glad it made it before Christmas. GREAT things come in small packages, HIS TASTE of HOME all in a stocking!

Me and my companion Elder Steed

"Hey I think your on the wrong side...haha


Monday, December 19, 2016

Message for Monday

Merry Christmas!!!
We are having a little party at the mission home today so I'll be emailing tomorrow!! So don't worry haha
love you all!!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty great! We had zone meeting this week at the mission home and they talked a lot about obedience. It was good, it's a greeat reminder to always stay obedient especially the little things. As we stay obedient as missionaries we will see the great blessings that come from it. 
Also I was able to experience an earthquake here!!! I heard it was like a 6.2 but I'm sure if that was a lie but it was a big one tho I could feel the ground shaking and the chair I was sitting on was moving it was a cool experience! haha

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 rocked Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday evening sending people into the streets and throwing items of the shelves of some stores and supermarkets.

This last week two people in Couva got baptized!! I started teaching Antonio and Ariel too. I even extended the date to them when I was there. So I was able to see them get baptized, even tho I don't serve there anymore, I was able to help them a lot to baptism so it was a great experience to see them baptize and change.

We did service and I'm getting pretty good at mixing concrete now haha I've done it so many times now but it's always a good time when I get to do that! The ward also put on a show Saturday for Christmas it was a really nice play. It was about the birth of Christ and they did a good job of acting it out.

Other than that not too much happened haha it's getting closer and closer to Christmas and I can't wait. Even tho there is no snow and it's about 80 degrees everyday I can see a little of the Christmas spirit here. haha some people are putting lights up so that's always great to see.
Continue to remember what Christmas is all about and the meaning behind it. This time of the year is great, especially as we help others during this time. Show the Christmas love.

have a great week!
one love!
Elder Colton Bastian



ME: So I got the Skye info so that good!! idk what I'll be able too on the time of day.. I'm not sure what the day will be like, I will try to let you know tho. I should get the package this week then! So thank you so much for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It sounds like you have been having fun! There's a movie called magnificent 7 I bet dad would want to watch that haha and that's cool you went to see Keelie!

MOM: What is up with that earthquake??? That's scary

ME: It was cool haha you should look it up

MOM: It says the last time having an earthquake at this magnitude was back in 1997. YOU WERE 1 and it was 6.2 dang!!!

ME: And ask gma if she knows a Nebeker that served here on mission not too long ago

MOM: Ok I will

Monday, December 5, 2016


Hello everyone!

This week was a pretty good week. For starters Esther and Sophia, the two investigators we had got baptized this week! It was a great experience, you can already see how happy they are and how the gospel has brought that happiness to their lives. Esther expressed how before she went down into the water she felt the holy ghost and how she knew that the decision she was making was the right one and true one. So it was great being apart of that!

That was the highlight of the week, along with that I was able to hang out with Elder Hunsaker for the day. My companion had a meeting so Hunsaker and I went proselyting and finding so it was pretty fun for the day. Also, Wednesday, Steed and I went to Point Fortin and while we were trying to find people to teach , we  were calling into the houses and we came across like a really rich neighborhood. We were walking by this hotel suite type thing and the lady calls us in. So we were able to experience the high life. It was soo nice in there, there was a monkey too. haha so I was able to pet a monkey. So that was really cool.

Sorry these pics are blurry

But Christmas is coming up! It's a great time of the year, always remember what this holiday is really celebrating, cuz that's the greatest gift we all were able to get! 

It's really different not seeing snow here hah so I sure miss that. But I miss and love ya all. Have all a great week!

Elder C Bastian