Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Couva is a town in west-central Trinidad, south of Chaguanas and north of Claxton Bay and San Fernando.
Local time: Tuesday 8:19 PM
Weather: 81°F (27°C), Wind E at 12 mph (19 km/h), 89% Humidity
Population: 21,000 (2000)
Hey Everyone!
This week has been pretty busy! 2 months down!!! Couldn't write yesterday cuz of holiday. But it's just been normal missionary work, and that's never ending haha but it's been good tho. We did some service this week by breaking cement and tearing it out for this member. It was great, it feels nice doing some work like that for a change. It's also cool seeing how that softens the person's heart up too!

We had transfer calls this week and I'll be staying in Couva for six more weeks which is great. I really like it here! But we had district meetings and the topics was Christ like attributes. I've been studying about this too. As we develop these attributes it really helps and blesses us in our lives. Whether it's faith, hope, patience, diligence, charity, and many more it's important that we try to work on being better for ourselves. We get too caught up in life sometimes but as we try to be more like Christ we see a difference in our lives and we will be happier. And it goes to the quote that I've always like "be better than you were yesterday" and as you continue to do that you'll see a positive impact in your life. So as I learned about that I thought it was pretty neat haha.

We had an exchange for a day too, so I went with Elder Dulaki, he's a stud, he's from Fiji and is a rugby player but he has a gentle heart. It was great learning from him and how he teaches cuz it helps me teach. 

We have also been setting some baptismal dates too. We have one with a guy named Dwayne, and he reminds me of the Rock. He is a great guy and is progressing very well. So I'm hoping and praying as we continue to teach him he can get baptized.
Other than that it's just normal missionary work.

I miss and love everyone so much and i hope all is well! 
- Elder Colton Bastian
(have to put Colton now since there will be two Elder Bastian's haha)

***This is a few things he put in my email I thought was good to share!***

But I got Dad's email too! I really enjoyed it! I'll try writing back to him soon!!It's great to hear from him. I already wrote a quote down from him haha
So how did the boys baseball do? State?
And NBA, who won?
And I feel like people are takin my stuff in my room so put it back;) hahahaSearch up Glorious by David Archuleta
The Ocean is behind us!

Just drinking coconuts in the sunset  :)

Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey Everyone!!
      Trinidad is pretty sweet! I've really enjoyed it so far. I'm in an area called Couva, it's alot more quiet and nicer than Guyana. Guyana is nice but Trinidad might be better. Other missionaires say they like Guyana better cuz it's easier missionary work and you would usually get a baptism but I like Trinidad. The work is a little harder but the people I've met are incredible and I'm up to the challenge haha. It's also nice having a nicer place to stay at, like having a hot shower instead of a cold bucket and having a big bed, and a companion that will cook for me haha. So I'm really liking it so far, my companion is really helping me too. He's been out longer so he knows how to train a little better. Teaching people is becoming easier and is fun in a way. I've felt the spirit here alot more than I have been so that really helps with everything, and being able to listen to that spirit is really important.
      We had zone conference this week, where the whole zone comes and meets and learns. I learned a bunch, Pres Egbert taught us about temples and family work with in the temple. It really made me want to go to the temple after it haha. I'm glad I was able to go to the temple in the Domician Republic when I was in the mtc too. I see the importance of the temples in a whole new way. 
      We stay pretty busy here, we work and work and work some more. It gets tiring but it helps alot cuz this last week went by so fast! I've really enjoyed hearing people's stories and experiences here too. In Guyana, one of the members shared this scripture with me and I really like it. It helps remind me why I am here. D&C 18: 10-16. it tells how impotant touching the heart of one soul, and that one soul can change other lives and its like a ripple effect. All that could come from me and that's what's cool. So out here even if I could only be able to bring one person to christ, it would be worth it cuz you never know what that can lead into. So I encourge everyone to read that.
      But I miss everyone so much and I hope everyone is doing great!
Love- Elder Colton Bastian
letters- PO Bag 543
trinidad and tobago

packages- 1 morequito ave
valpark shopping mall plaza Bldg #10
trinidad and tobago


Hey Everyone!
      So nothing really happened this week besides I'm in Trinidad now!!! It was an early transfer call because some missionaries were moved out of Trinidad cuz their permits were expired so I'm filling their spots. I flew here this morning. It's pretty nice here, better living conditions like a shower, a car now but I can't drive yet, and more nicer of a place. But the missionary work is gunna be tougher now they said but I guess we will see! 
      I had to say goodbye to everyone in Guyana which was weird. I was just getting used to it over there. I have a new companion now named Elder Thompson, he's from Utah, he's been out for awhile so he's more experienced so hopefully I can keep up. And no more baptism for me cuz I moved unexpectedly so that's a bummer.
Elder Garcia and I in Guyana
Apartment in Guyana
View from Apartment in Guyana
Different view in Guyana
That's the only exciting that has happened. but I miss everyone a bunch and I hope everyone is doing great!
Love - Elder Bastian


Hey Everyone!
This past week has been pretty good, especially yesterday being able to see everyone was great! That made my month so worth it. Anyways, this last week we have been just teaching investigators and finding people to teach. There was a baptism on Thursday but it was the branch's and not ours. Too bad I was hoping to get a baptism already. He is almost nine so if we would've waited a week it would've been ours. But it was great to see his baptism.  I was able to conduct it so that was nice. Other than the baptism not much has happened except was meeting new people. It's crazy to hear what some has been through. They have so little but they are so happy on what they have, it makes me really apreciate what I do have and the people in my life. We are teaching two ladies and their lives have been so rough on them, but they just keep pushing along and want to change so they can come closer to our heavenly father. I think that's something we need to do, when life gets hard and bad things happen, we should always have faith and trust in Christ. He will help us through our trials and allow us to be happy. So we are trying to push for 3 baptisms for the end of the month so I'm hoping we can do that.
We drove to Lindon today to visit some other elders over there. So we went and climbed actual hills for a change. I haven't seen hills for awhile now haha but we climbed some sand/clay hills and went and saw the blue lake. that was pretty cool, the water felt great, I so wanted to just jump in. I saw some of the amazon rain forrest too, which was awesome. It started raining on us so we couldn't stay long, but we got drenched. It was worth it tho.
But I miss you all and I hope you have a great week! 
Love - Elder Bastian
View of Blue Lake
Photo after they got drenched
Blue Lake

They think Elder Bastian is an All-Star



Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mother's Day


       We were patiently waiting for our Elder to get online and call, after a period of time we realized that he actually had let me know when he was gonna be on Skype in my time zone NOT his.  I was starting to think there was a blackout in his area and wouldn't be able to see his handsome face! But then.......

We all cheered and smiled full of joy when he popped up on the computer. What a sight for sore eyes!!!  I (mom) had told everyone there that I wanted to be the last to talk him him but if you know me then this won't come as a surprise....yep I just started chatting away haha. When realizing I wasn't sharing I bowed out and gave the time over. 

With Colton's brother leaving to serve his mission and making Colton wait until Mother's Day when they could see each other to share where he was called to and when he was leaving, made perfect sense that they talked first. Colton couldn't believe that Trevor was going to be leaving August 23rd to Mexico City and spanish speaking. He guessed Spain or Colorado haha

We wasn't sure how much time we would have talking with him and wanted to make sure everybody had their own time with Colt. 
So from there he spoke with his Grandparents, Brodie (girlfriend), Britney (sister), then sibling time with Britney and Trevor. Will (exchange student from Sweden) was able to join in with Colt's siblings. After a bit, Matt (father) and I got our turn!!! 

We were shocked but definitely blessed to be able, in total, talk with him for over 2 1/2 hours! Absolutely loved every minute to be able to catch up and hear the experiences he has endured. Before our time ended we made him pose for one last picture. 


Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey Everyone!!

Everything is going pretty good in Guyana! I wasn't able to email yesterday cuz of Labor Day so everything was closed. So we celebrated labor day by working of course haha. But this week was pretty busy and it's been raining every day here which means I get pretty soaked in the day. We try riding our bikes while holding the umbrella haha. The rain doesn't stop us though. All week we've just been contacting, teaching, and visiting with families. One of the best things I like here is hearing everybody's stories and experiences they have had. It's amazing to see the role that our heavenly father has played in there lives. It builds my testimony way more. 
In the area we are in it's tough getting the members involved in the church. This last Sunday we only had 45 people at church and usually there is like 65 to 70. So that is one of our goals, is to get the members here focus on what's really important. We try visiting the members and figure out how to get them coming back. We had one of our investigators come to church too so that was awesome. We have been teaching her the lessons and she is really accepting everything and wants to be baptized! We set a date on the 21st of this month so we are hoping it goes through. There is an 8 year old baptism this thursday too.
Other than teaching not much has happened this week. I went to the sea wall which is the ocean. Guyana is at or below sea level so they have a 5ft wall seperating the sea and the city haha.
The beach isn't really a beach you would want to go to haha it's kinda trashy and the water is dirty. Instead of picking seashells up you would have the opportunity to pick up glass from the sand. It's kinda cool to see though.
 Since it's been raining alot we have to bike through puddles (which are like ponds here) and as we were doing that my companion stopped in the middle of one and fell in the water hahah I have a pic of it. 
Anyways, I hope everyone is doing great and i miss you all! I know that as we go through trials in life, our heavenly father will always be there to help us, if we humble ourselves and have faith in Him. through Christ and faith we can do anything and He works in marvelous ways. Just always have trust in Him.
one month down 23 to go haha
-Love Elder Bastian
On a side note: You should youtube these videos, "hello" missionary parody and "guyana returned missionaires" there's a guy in a plad blue shirt (look for him) that'll give you an idea of what Guyana is like in his words while on his mission haha .
Also.....I invite you to read Ether 12:27, just cuz it's one of my favorites and feel you would find some enjoyment in it also.


Hey Everyone!

I'm over here in Diamond, Georgetown Guyana now. It's crazy to think I'm in South America. I'm getting used to the heat now, I'm usually wet from sweat or wet from rain haha. but the town I'm staying in is kinda poor. Life is completely different here than it is in America. I just have to try focusing on the good things here which isn't that much haha. But the people are pretty nice, they always feed us but my appetite has gone down a bit tho. They eat a bunch of curry here, and I've had frogs and liver which was gross so I'm not use to the food yet. I'll probably lose weight with the food and the sweating haha. But alot of the houses are just a little shack up on cinder blocks.
**These are answers to some of my questions and you can tell what I asked through his answers**
Our apartment is okay, except that it's always hot, low water pressure, not much of anything in there, and I have to take bucket showers. I'm always riding a bike to get around everywhere so my legs will be pretty toned after this. My bed is somehow comfy haha and I'm good on money. 
My companion is pretty cool, his name is Elder Garcia he's from Mexico. So he's use to this Guyana life haha not being racist. But we've been teaching and contacting like crazy. Right when when we got here I started teaching. It's really cool to here the stories from these people. Oh and the English here is not ENGLISH.. at all... it's like mumbling english so its really bad haha I don't understand alot of these people. Hopefully I don't pick up on this accent here cuz it's pretty bad. But everything is going fine, it was really hard adjusting at first, and it still is hard but Im' hanging in there.
I'll keep everyone updated as I go. I miss home and evryone there. but I hope everyone is doing good!
Oh and my address to mail is:
The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
243 Cedar Court
Lamaha Gardens
Georgetown, Guyana

In the pics, is all the mtc and my homies haha and the one one the bike is in Guyana. 
The selfie one is me and Elder Jean, he's from Dominican, he's pretty cool and then us Americans!


Dear Missionary Family and Friends,

Your wonderful missionary arrived last night and has been in orientation all day with the Mission President and I. He is a   wonderful young man who is ready to serve the Lord and we are so happy to have him join us.
Your son will be writing you today and then every Monday on his preparation day. Thank you for your support of this mission and your son as he strives to become a more diligent disciple of the Savior and this restored gospel.

President and Sister Egbert

 I'm here now in Trinidad, everything went well flying here! We flew to Panama City first and that's a really nice place. I think I saw the canal, but I pretty much slept on the plane the whole time haha. Trinidad is a nice place tho, its the dry season so they've been having fires in the mountains so there's alot of haze. They drive on the other side of the road too haha but we are stayng with a senior missionary couple for now. We had an orientation today, tomorrow I'm flying down to Guyana! So I'll be serving there for 6 to 12 weeks. My companion is named Elder Garcia, haven't met him yet but he's from Mexico. But I have to wait till next monday to write again :/  but tell everyone I miss them. You'll have to send me the skype info next week and I'll let you know what place to send letters and packages. Tell everyone I'll write them next week. I hope everything is going good for everyone!
I'll write more and send more pics next week cuz idk how long I can be on here for.
Anyways,  I miss everyone! and love you guys. I'll talk with all you next week.
Elder Bastian