Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey Everyone!
      So nothing really happened this week besides I'm in Trinidad now!!! It was an early transfer call because some missionaries were moved out of Trinidad cuz their permits were expired so I'm filling their spots. I flew here this morning. It's pretty nice here, better living conditions like a shower, a car now but I can't drive yet, and more nicer of a place. But the missionary work is gunna be tougher now they said but I guess we will see! 
      I had to say goodbye to everyone in Guyana which was weird. I was just getting used to it over there. I have a new companion now named Elder Thompson, he's from Utah, he's been out for awhile so he's more experienced so hopefully I can keep up. And no more baptism for me cuz I moved unexpectedly so that's a bummer.
Elder Garcia and I in Guyana
Apartment in Guyana
View from Apartment in Guyana
Different view in Guyana
That's the only exciting that has happened. but I miss everyone a bunch and I hope everyone is doing great!
Love - Elder Bastian

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