Monday, May 9, 2016


Dear Missionary Family and Friends,

Your wonderful missionary arrived last night and has been in orientation all day with the Mission President and I. He is a   wonderful young man who is ready to serve the Lord and we are so happy to have him join us.
Your son will be writing you today and then every Monday on his preparation day. Thank you for your support of this mission and your son as he strives to become a more diligent disciple of the Savior and this restored gospel.

President and Sister Egbert

 I'm here now in Trinidad, everything went well flying here! We flew to Panama City first and that's a really nice place. I think I saw the canal, but I pretty much slept on the plane the whole time haha. Trinidad is a nice place tho, its the dry season so they've been having fires in the mountains so there's alot of haze. They drive on the other side of the road too haha but we are stayng with a senior missionary couple for now. We had an orientation today, tomorrow I'm flying down to Guyana! So I'll be serving there for 6 to 12 weeks. My companion is named Elder Garcia, haven't met him yet but he's from Mexico. But I have to wait till next monday to write again :/  but tell everyone I miss them. You'll have to send me the skype info next week and I'll let you know what place to send letters and packages. Tell everyone I'll write them next week. I hope everything is going good for everyone!
I'll write more and send more pics next week cuz idk how long I can be on here for.
Anyways,  I miss everyone! and love you guys. I'll talk with all you next week.
Elder Bastian

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