Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey Everyone!
This past week has been pretty good, especially yesterday being able to see everyone was great! That made my month so worth it. Anyways, this last week we have been just teaching investigators and finding people to teach. There was a baptism on Thursday but it was the branch's and not ours. Too bad I was hoping to get a baptism already. He is almost nine so if we would've waited a week it would've been ours. But it was great to see his baptism.  I was able to conduct it so that was nice. Other than the baptism not much has happened except was meeting new people. It's crazy to hear what some has been through. They have so little but they are so happy on what they have, it makes me really apreciate what I do have and the people in my life. We are teaching two ladies and their lives have been so rough on them, but they just keep pushing along and want to change so they can come closer to our heavenly father. I think that's something we need to do, when life gets hard and bad things happen, we should always have faith and trust in Christ. He will help us through our trials and allow us to be happy. So we are trying to push for 3 baptisms for the end of the month so I'm hoping we can do that.
We drove to Lindon today to visit some other elders over there. So we went and climbed actual hills for a change. I haven't seen hills for awhile now haha but we climbed some sand/clay hills and went and saw the blue lake. that was pretty cool, the water felt great, I so wanted to just jump in. I saw some of the amazon rain forrest too, which was awesome. It started raining on us so we couldn't stay long, but we got drenched. It was worth it tho.
But I miss you all and I hope you have a great week! 
Love - Elder Bastian
View of Blue Lake
Photo after they got drenched
Blue Lake

They think Elder Bastian is an All-Star



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