Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey Everyone!

I'm over here in Diamond, Georgetown Guyana now. It's crazy to think I'm in South America. I'm getting used to the heat now, I'm usually wet from sweat or wet from rain haha. but the town I'm staying in is kinda poor. Life is completely different here than it is in America. I just have to try focusing on the good things here which isn't that much haha. But the people are pretty nice, they always feed us but my appetite has gone down a bit tho. They eat a bunch of curry here, and I've had frogs and liver which was gross so I'm not use to the food yet. I'll probably lose weight with the food and the sweating haha. But alot of the houses are just a little shack up on cinder blocks.
**These are answers to some of my questions and you can tell what I asked through his answers**
Our apartment is okay, except that it's always hot, low water pressure, not much of anything in there, and I have to take bucket showers. I'm always riding a bike to get around everywhere so my legs will be pretty toned after this. My bed is somehow comfy haha and I'm good on money. 
My companion is pretty cool, his name is Elder Garcia he's from Mexico. So he's use to this Guyana life haha not being racist. But we've been teaching and contacting like crazy. Right when when we got here I started teaching. It's really cool to here the stories from these people. Oh and the English here is not ENGLISH.. at all... it's like mumbling english so its really bad haha I don't understand alot of these people. Hopefully I don't pick up on this accent here cuz it's pretty bad. But everything is going fine, it was really hard adjusting at first, and it still is hard but Im' hanging in there.
I'll keep everyone updated as I go. I miss home and evryone there. but I hope everyone is doing good!
Oh and my address to mail is:
The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
243 Cedar Court
Lamaha Gardens
Georgetown, Guyana

In the pics, is all the mtc and my homies haha and the one one the bike is in Guyana. 
The selfie one is me and Elder Jean, he's from Dominican, he's pretty cool and then us Americans!

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