Monday, May 9, 2016


Hey Everyone!!

Everything is going pretty good in Guyana! I wasn't able to email yesterday cuz of Labor Day so everything was closed. So we celebrated labor day by working of course haha. But this week was pretty busy and it's been raining every day here which means I get pretty soaked in the day. We try riding our bikes while holding the umbrella haha. The rain doesn't stop us though. All week we've just been contacting, teaching, and visiting with families. One of the best things I like here is hearing everybody's stories and experiences they have had. It's amazing to see the role that our heavenly father has played in there lives. It builds my testimony way more. 
In the area we are in it's tough getting the members involved in the church. This last Sunday we only had 45 people at church and usually there is like 65 to 70. So that is one of our goals, is to get the members here focus on what's really important. We try visiting the members and figure out how to get them coming back. We had one of our investigators come to church too so that was awesome. We have been teaching her the lessons and she is really accepting everything and wants to be baptized! We set a date on the 21st of this month so we are hoping it goes through. There is an 8 year old baptism this thursday too.
Other than teaching not much has happened this week. I went to the sea wall which is the ocean. Guyana is at or below sea level so they have a 5ft wall seperating the sea and the city haha.
The beach isn't really a beach you would want to go to haha it's kinda trashy and the water is dirty. Instead of picking seashells up you would have the opportunity to pick up glass from the sand. It's kinda cool to see though.
 Since it's been raining alot we have to bike through puddles (which are like ponds here) and as we were doing that my companion stopped in the middle of one and fell in the water hahah I have a pic of it. 
Anyways, I hope everyone is doing great and i miss you all! I know that as we go through trials in life, our heavenly father will always be there to help us, if we humble ourselves and have faith in Him. through Christ and faith we can do anything and He works in marvelous ways. Just always have trust in Him.
one month down 23 to go haha
-Love Elder Bastian
On a side note: You should youtube these videos, "hello" missionary parody and "guyana returned missionaires" there's a guy in a plad blue shirt (look for him) that'll give you an idea of what Guyana is like in his words while on his mission haha .
Also.....I invite you to read Ether 12:27, just cuz it's one of my favorites and feel you would find some enjoyment in it also.

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