Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween everyone!!

This last week was pretty normal week, no cool stories or anything like that. The only things were zone conference and Divali. So this zone conference talked about or purpose as a missionaries and how we should always try to improve. It was a good meeting! We had a recent convert come and he bore his testimony and told us how he felt as he made changes to his life to become baptized. It was a really nice conversion story and it really made me think of being a missionary. This is a great calling we have to invite and help others come unto Christ. We are not just teaching and telling what we know but we are truly changing lives out here. That's probably one of the greatest experiences to see here on the mission. 
the next thing is Divali. Its a Hindu holiday and of course it's celebrated big down here. But as missionaries this holiday only consist of food, (7 curry), lighting Deyas, seeing a bunch of lights, kinda like Christmas lights, food, fireworks, and food. haha so it was a really good day to experience and be apart of to see how the culture is for other people. They go all out too, making helicopters out of bamboo, and making arches of lights, they are really crafty down here.
Other thing is we finally saw Dwain!!!! We caught him home when he had a day off. I'm hoping to continue to teach him again and help him be baptized. The only concern is I hope he still has that desire to help him feel that happiness again it's gunna take some prayer and faith. Cuz I know he knows it's true, he just needs to show his faith. But I'm really excited to work with him again!!
Have a Great Halloween! go scare someone for me haha, love ya all.

Hey Mom!!
haha so I enjoyed your pics they were pretty funny! looks like your in the Halloween spirit. And I'm actually dressing up as an FBI agent haha;) black pants, black tie.. but I'm  doing good! health is good, I email at an email shop haha it's like a gaming/email place.
And you should ask the Hunsaker's about sending packages. cuz Mckay gets a lot and he said it was cheap, and they always get here. so maybe check that out haha
And that's pretty funny dad pulled the gun on the missionaries hahah that's a funny experience for them! 
but all is well glad everyone is doing good.. talk to ya next week, love ya all!!
have a great Halloween!!! 
love elder c bastian

no pics this week.. my camera is being dummmbbbbbb

Monday, October 24, 2016


Wuamday Everyone!

That's slang down here! This week was pretty much an ordinary week. For pday last week we went to this giant hindu statue and went out on the temple in the sea. It was pretty cool to see those things, I got to see a pretty cool sunset too! I've been learning a lot about different religions cuz that's all Trinidad is, is different religions. so I got to learn a lot of hindu and muslim stuff. It's pretty interesting to learn about different beliefs. But we had district meeting and that was a pretty good learning experience haha, we learned about christlike atts. and it made me realize how much I can work on those things. Like charity, faith, patience, etc. but I had an exchange with an Elder from Ecuador. It was a really good exchange. I learned a lot from him. The lessons we had were super spiritual!! And also we were able to participate in a child of record baptism. he just turned 8 couple weeks ago but we were pretty involved in it. We would also go teach the family and keep helping them so it was nice being apart of it. Also I've really been seeing a great difference with Neil (investigator I've been teaching for 5 months now) he is really changing, he is quiting smoking, came to church yesterday, been reading the book of mormon a lot, he is really wanting to change and develop a better testimony. It's a cool experience to see the changes in people when they start acting on the faith that they have and use that faith to motivate them. He will probably be baptism next month sometime.
But that's all for this week! have a day!

Hey Mom!
That's exciting with everything back at home! That's awesome you got to go to Red Lobster haha I wish I could've gone! And tell your gpa Stacy hi and bye for me haha. That's cool you are getting your hair cut by Brodie's mom haha tell her thanks for the email , I really appreciated it . and I'm planning on writing one soon. But the mountains are getting so nice now! It's like 100 degrees here so I'm really missing that snow haha. That's a really cool necklace thing Jennie made! I bet you really like that! 
And everything is holding up pretty good! (Like my clothes etc) I haven't really had to buy anything really yet haha. and I'll send a pic of the shirt I got for my bday next week! I'm planning on buying something cool when I get a chance too. And they actually sell Eggo waffles down here! I haven't bought them yet but I'm really tempted too! 
And did Trev steal my scripture for the church plaque thing??? that little bugger! That's awesome to see how great he's doing tho!
But thanks for everything mom!! I appreciate everything so much!! you da best for sho! love ya! and have a great week!

Love Elder C Bastian

Pic of Hanuman Hinu Statue

Pic with our 8 year old that got baptised

Temple in the Sea!

Me and my companion enjoying the sunset! I love this place!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey Everyone!!

Not an eventful week but it was a pretty good one! So since we are covering 5 areas (cuz Trinidad is kicking missionary's out cuz of work permits) we are in the south zone now! Which is pretty great they are pretty great missionaries. You might know one.. his name is Elder Hunsaker hahaha he is my district leader now. Which is pretty great, I get to see him every Tuesday now. But this week is a learning experience for my companion and me. We are working together now which is good. Our lessons are improving and the holy ghost is definitely helping us out. We contacted a really nice family. It's a family of seven people haha so can you imagine that baptism! They are a great family and I'm praying as we continue to work with them they can progress towards those waters of baptism! Also a few weeks ago I contacted this lady and every week since she's been coming to church but we haven't got the chance to teach her yet cuz she is always busy, soooo hopefully we can see her haha.
But some may have known, but it was my birthday this week. Not a teenager now ... strange... but it was pretty good, my comp baked a cake and had a pretty good day. We didn't get to do anything to fun haha just missionary work.  But thanks for all the birthday wishes and love all you! Have a day! 

Love Elder Colton Bastian

Note to Mom:

Hey Mom! I'll keep this short cuz I need to write people back haha but that's cool that gpa got a deer! It looks like a pretty good one! Too bad they didn't get the elk tho! I bet those adventures were pretty fun! Also I got a shirt for my bday haha I wasn't able to get anything else. Maybe this week I will get something cool! That's cool Austin is almost off! And tell your dad hi for me!!!!!!!! and also sorry for not writing back to him and Julie, I willl try to soon! 
But thanks for all you do and for the birthday wishes!! You two are the best and I appreciate everything!
strive for greatness!

Love Elder C Bastian

My birthday breakfast! Yumm

Birthday cake from my companion Elder Cook

Blowing away my teen years haha

Package address (my companion just received his package)

Some Senoiri 

Monday, October 10, 2016



Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's weird I'm 20 now! I don't like the sounds of me not being a teenager now haha. Well I heard about the hurricane, and that's crazy all those places got hit. Luckily it didn't come in Trinidad, we only got rain that's about it. But we started a new transfer and guess what I'm still in Couva! It's awesome I love it, and my new companion is named Elder Hayden Cook. He's a pretty good missionary. We have to get used to each other tho haha. We are a little different but that's why it takes time. Our teaching together is kinda off so we have to get our companionship unity on line or else it's gunna be a long transfer. But that's something we will be able to work on. I'm the driver now so it's pretty fun driving opposite on the roads and everything, and our area got even bigger! We are covering all of central Trinidad, that's usually 5 different areas for 5 sets of missionaries but we are covering all of it. But it's really interesting to see how trinis's are. We were at a shop and the guy stole some stuff and ran out of the shop, I was right in the middle of everything. I wasn't able to stop him tho but they did catch him. But then the same day we saw this random guy go give this homeless guy some money and helped him so it was really nice to see how there are really good people in the world, you just have to look through the bad to see the good sometimes. But that's about it for the week. scriptures- 2 nephi 2, 2 nephi 2:11,27, 1 nephi 20:10

Hey Mom!!
 Thank you for the birthday wish! I am sooo old I don't like it haha and don't worry for feeling bad for not giving me anything, I don't need that much anyway. But I will try to buy something cool haha.  
Thanks for letting Brodie know you still had the texts, that's real nice of you! I bet she wasn't happy at all about that so thanks for making her feel better! And I want to go hunting so bad!!! I hope they get something real good! 
And Dwain is still working so idk if he'll be able to get off any time soon:/ but we do have one planned for November 5 for Antonio! 
But sorry my email is so short this week!!!
But thanks for all you do! Thanks for the good emails too and pics and quotes. I'll talk with ya next week! love ya tons!
You da best! -Elder Colton Bastian

Tell Brit and Trev sorry I couldn't write but tell them thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!

And please tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you for the birthday card!!! I wasn't able to write her today! 

Elder Perez luggage broke

Saying goodbye to a great friend, Elder Perez

Birthday card from my Grandparents, Thank You and this is the address for letters

Monday, October 3, 2016


Hey Mom!!

Little about my week! It was really interesting this week, like really interesting haha we had to stay inside for a couple days cuz I ended up getting sick....with Zika... so it was no bueno. But I'm doing good now! Healthy as a horse haha but since I was in we weren't able to go out as much but when we did go out we had powerful lessons! So it's really good! This week we got our transfer calls to tell us if we are staying or going. So I'll be in Couva once again for at least 6 more weeks. Which is great cuz I'm enjoying Couva a lot! My heart is definitely here with the people and the area. But I am getting a new companion, my new one is named Elder Cook. From the sound of it he is a real solid missionary, excited to work with him. My last companionship was really fun so can't wait to see how this goes. General conference was really good. My favorites was Russell M Nelson with his talking about how Joy is Christ , also with the one that said "boys be ambitious" they were really good. We really do find joy as we have Christ in our lives and as we stay motivated and brave in our everyday life we can see and find that joy life does bring.
Scripture for the day 1 nephi 17: 3, 13-14

Hey Mom and Dad that's awesome you enjoyed general conference! I liked the talks that you pointed out too. They were way good, it's cool to be able to hear from them! Definitely you can tell they are up there for a reason. That's awesome to hear round up went well! It feels like it was yesterday I was up there riding. haha boy I sure do wish I could ride again. The pics were sweet. I'll send a bunch of pics to you today don't worry!

Continue to do great and strive for the best! You two are awesome and listen to Trev cuz he knows what he's talking about haha 

Miss and love ya guys! you're the best!
Love Elder Colton Bastian

Here goes the first one.........

Burning of my 6th month flag!!!!!!

Zika Virus has got me like......ugh

Why why why

This won't keep me down!!!Well maybe just one more day

I made it through and I am healthy as a horse, time to get back to work!!!!!!!!