Monday, October 10, 2016



Thank you for the birthday wishes! It's weird I'm 20 now! I don't like the sounds of me not being a teenager now haha. Well I heard about the hurricane, and that's crazy all those places got hit. Luckily it didn't come in Trinidad, we only got rain that's about it. But we started a new transfer and guess what I'm still in Couva! It's awesome I love it, and my new companion is named Elder Hayden Cook. He's a pretty good missionary. We have to get used to each other tho haha. We are a little different but that's why it takes time. Our teaching together is kinda off so we have to get our companionship unity on line or else it's gunna be a long transfer. But that's something we will be able to work on. I'm the driver now so it's pretty fun driving opposite on the roads and everything, and our area got even bigger! We are covering all of central Trinidad, that's usually 5 different areas for 5 sets of missionaries but we are covering all of it. But it's really interesting to see how trinis's are. We were at a shop and the guy stole some stuff and ran out of the shop, I was right in the middle of everything. I wasn't able to stop him tho but they did catch him. But then the same day we saw this random guy go give this homeless guy some money and helped him so it was really nice to see how there are really good people in the world, you just have to look through the bad to see the good sometimes. But that's about it for the week. scriptures- 2 nephi 2, 2 nephi 2:11,27, 1 nephi 20:10

Hey Mom!!
 Thank you for the birthday wish! I am sooo old I don't like it haha and don't worry for feeling bad for not giving me anything, I don't need that much anyway. But I will try to buy something cool haha.  
Thanks for letting Brodie know you still had the texts, that's real nice of you! I bet she wasn't happy at all about that so thanks for making her feel better! And I want to go hunting so bad!!! I hope they get something real good! 
And Dwain is still working so idk if he'll be able to get off any time soon:/ but we do have one planned for November 5 for Antonio! 
But sorry my email is so short this week!!!
But thanks for all you do! Thanks for the good emails too and pics and quotes. I'll talk with ya next week! love ya tons!
You da best! -Elder Colton Bastian

Tell Brit and Trev sorry I couldn't write but tell them thank you for the birthday wishes!!!!

And please tell Grandma and Grandpa thank you for the birthday card!!! I wasn't able to write her today! 

Elder Perez luggage broke

Saying goodbye to a great friend, Elder Perez

Birthday card from my Grandparents, Thank You and this is the address for letters

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