Monday, October 24, 2016


Wuamday Everyone!

That's slang down here! This week was pretty much an ordinary week. For pday last week we went to this giant hindu statue and went out on the temple in the sea. It was pretty cool to see those things, I got to see a pretty cool sunset too! I've been learning a lot about different religions cuz that's all Trinidad is, is different religions. so I got to learn a lot of hindu and muslim stuff. It's pretty interesting to learn about different beliefs. But we had district meeting and that was a pretty good learning experience haha, we learned about christlike atts. and it made me realize how much I can work on those things. Like charity, faith, patience, etc. but I had an exchange with an Elder from Ecuador. It was a really good exchange. I learned a lot from him. The lessons we had were super spiritual!! And also we were able to participate in a child of record baptism. he just turned 8 couple weeks ago but we were pretty involved in it. We would also go teach the family and keep helping them so it was nice being apart of it. Also I've really been seeing a great difference with Neil (investigator I've been teaching for 5 months now) he is really changing, he is quiting smoking, came to church yesterday, been reading the book of mormon a lot, he is really wanting to change and develop a better testimony. It's a cool experience to see the changes in people when they start acting on the faith that they have and use that faith to motivate them. He will probably be baptism next month sometime.
But that's all for this week! have a day!

Hey Mom!
That's exciting with everything back at home! That's awesome you got to go to Red Lobster haha I wish I could've gone! And tell your gpa Stacy hi and bye for me haha. That's cool you are getting your hair cut by Brodie's mom haha tell her thanks for the email , I really appreciated it . and I'm planning on writing one soon. But the mountains are getting so nice now! It's like 100 degrees here so I'm really missing that snow haha. That's a really cool necklace thing Jennie made! I bet you really like that! 
And everything is holding up pretty good! (Like my clothes etc) I haven't really had to buy anything really yet haha. and I'll send a pic of the shirt I got for my bday next week! I'm planning on buying something cool when I get a chance too. And they actually sell Eggo waffles down here! I haven't bought them yet but I'm really tempted too! 
And did Trev steal my scripture for the church plaque thing??? that little bugger! That's awesome to see how great he's doing tho!
But thanks for everything mom!! I appreciate everything so much!! you da best for sho! love ya! and have a great week!

Love Elder C Bastian

Pic of Hanuman Hinu Statue

Pic with our 8 year old that got baptised

Temple in the Sea!

Me and my companion enjoying the sunset! I love this place!

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