Monday, October 3, 2016


Hey Mom!!

Little about my week! It was really interesting this week, like really interesting haha we had to stay inside for a couple days cuz I ended up getting sick....with Zika... so it was no bueno. But I'm doing good now! Healthy as a horse haha but since I was in we weren't able to go out as much but when we did go out we had powerful lessons! So it's really good! This week we got our transfer calls to tell us if we are staying or going. So I'll be in Couva once again for at least 6 more weeks. Which is great cuz I'm enjoying Couva a lot! My heart is definitely here with the people and the area. But I am getting a new companion, my new one is named Elder Cook. From the sound of it he is a real solid missionary, excited to work with him. My last companionship was really fun so can't wait to see how this goes. General conference was really good. My favorites was Russell M Nelson with his talking about how Joy is Christ , also with the one that said "boys be ambitious" they were really good. We really do find joy as we have Christ in our lives and as we stay motivated and brave in our everyday life we can see and find that joy life does bring.
Scripture for the day 1 nephi 17: 3, 13-14

Hey Mom and Dad that's awesome you enjoyed general conference! I liked the talks that you pointed out too. They were way good, it's cool to be able to hear from them! Definitely you can tell they are up there for a reason. That's awesome to hear round up went well! It feels like it was yesterday I was up there riding. haha boy I sure do wish I could ride again. The pics were sweet. I'll send a bunch of pics to you today don't worry!

Continue to do great and strive for the best! You two are awesome and listen to Trev cuz he knows what he's talking about haha 

Miss and love ya guys! you're the best!
Love Elder Colton Bastian

Here goes the first one.........

Burning of my 6th month flag!!!!!!

Zika Virus has got me like......ugh

Why why why

This won't keep me down!!!Well maybe just one more day

I made it through and I am healthy as a horse, time to get back to work!!!!!!!!

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