Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey Mom!

This week was a pretty good weeek! By the end of this week I will be on my mission for 6 months!! That's so crazy haha it has gone by fast now that I think about it! I only have 3/4 of my mission left so I really want to use every time I have to bring others unto Him cuz  I won't get this chance ever again. But I'm really liking my mission so far and I can't wait to see the next 18 months have in store for me. But this week I went on an exchange with Elder Jay Birch, he is from poky and went to Highland High School, he's pretty cool so that exchange was fun. On it I had cow heel soup haha yep it was actually not that bad at all it just felt weird eating. But this week we really saw investigators pop out of no where and they all are ready for the gospel in their lives. So really cool to see those tender mercies we receive and how prayer rally does work! We have been seeing more at sacrament and investigators that are really working towards the waters of baptism. We have one investigator who is moving and is suppose to be baptized on the 8th so we were worried she wouldn't be taught or could make it to church but then she told us that every Saturday she is going to stay with her son so she can go to church and be taught. So to see the dedication of people and when they find the truth it's awesome to see that they are willing to do their best! So that was a really cool experience for me. We also did service which was a blast. we mixed cement and casted it out. It was like 1000F so you could imagine how sweaty I was hahaha it was so hot. But that sums up my week! Miss yall and love ya!

That's awesome you and dad did so great on your talks!! I bet it was awesome so good job! I wish I could be there to hear it haha, but thanks for all the pics!!! And the pics Gpa and Lytton had also! They were sweet! I really appreciated them since I can't get packages like Trev that makes up for it haha. The football team is looking pretty sanzy looking and looking like they are doing good! Makes me miss those days. haha also could you get me Colby Brown's email???  
Well I hope you and dad have a great week! Nice desk by the way and I can't wait till next week! Love ya both and keep striving for the best!
Matthew 19:26 Matthew 21:22

Love Elder Colton Bastian 
I tried sending pics but it wouldn't let me so I'll send them next week:(


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