Monday, September 5, 2016


 Hey Mom!

      So my week was pretty interesting! It was full of ups and downs. The downs were we kept having people fall thru with our appointments with people. They were either busy or didn't want to see us that day. But the ups were pretty sweeet! The first was with this less active person we have been teaching trying to get her reactivated. Before Sunday she was saying she couldn't make it to church cuz she didn't have enough money to catch travel but I told her that some way our heavenly father will provide. And sure enough he did provide, she made it to church and when we taught her this last Tuesday, she told me thank you for giving her that hope and reassuring that she will be able to make it! So that was really awesome and her testimony is so strong too so that was a neat experience! Also we were having a pretty bad day but then in one of our appointments we set a baptismal date for one of our investigators. It wasn't planned to set it but we felt like she was ready so we set it and it was pretty spiritual in the lesson and she accepted! So that's amazing. Then last night we went and taught this member and her grandson became really interested in listening to us and he has never sat in lessons before so we were asking him questions and he said he has a desire to be baptized and at the end of the lesson he asked for us a Book of Mormon! It was really awesome! So it was really nice seeing that the ups were greater than the downs. So as we are going through the day and it's not going very well, if we remember to keep pushing through and have that diligence and trust that we will make it through, we will! And we will see the great things that come from it as we do! It's all about the attitude we have on things as well, if we go through everything with a great attitude we will appreciate things a lot more in our lives!

      That's awesome Trev is doing so amazing, it sounds like he is loving it so far! He is looking at it with a great attitude haha and that's awesome! I hope everything at home is all fine and dandy! And I love and miss everyone and I hope you two have a great week! Also I can't describe how much I miss football right now! haha

      Also could you send pics of me at the farm or of the farm or on a horse or stuff like that! Steve our investigator wants to see the ranch life haha

 Love you all! Take care!

 -Elder Colton Bastian


Look Gma I found your sign! ;)

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