Monday, August 29, 2016


 Hello Mom!!!

How are you doing?? Trev is gone that's so awesome, Can't believe we are serving at the same time now! He left in style tho haha jeez he's lookin good tho. Hope he doesn't get robbed haha;) I'm kidding he won't. That was a great move on the Taco Bell part. That sure makes me jealous! It sounds so good right now! and that sting ray didn't have much of a different taste haha but it was good! The weather has been super hot lately but now it's raining and raining which I like cuz it cools the place down a bit haha. But yea that's our Chevy Cruze we drive around. pretty ent? ent means right btw in trini slang haha.

But with Trev gone now what are you going to do? haha since Brit's in Oregon now?!?!? that's crazy I haven't got an email about that yet haha and that's awesome with Dad's  promotion! That's awesome to hear how everyone is doing! Send pics of Trev when he sends some cuz idk if he will send me any haha. That's awesome with the MV football! I'm missing football so much right now! I wish Doug coached our team!

But that's awesome to hear how everyone is doing! And have you started the challenge yet? haha you could finish real easy! And how long have I been out? I thought it was only 5 months? haha

**Mom wrote: If you count the weeks it's 22 weeks which is 5 months 2 weeks cuz some months have an extra week in them!!!!!!**

But I hope you two have a great week and I love ya both and I can't wait to hear from you next week!

Now about my week! So a new transfer has begun! So Couva for 6 more weeks! I'm excited cuz it's a great area! It's bigger now cuz some missionaries left here so we have to cover three areas now so a lot more work and trying to see everyone. It'll be good tho! But had some fun experiences this week. I played some Muslims in basketball which was a blast! We kicked butt of course;) but Muslims are pretty nice and cool down here tho haha. Also in a lesson we were having these little kids that go crazy and they are usually loud every time we go there but this time we went they were more settled down this time and at the end of the lesson I got the two kids to pray at the end! It was way cool cuz they usually would never. One was 7 and the other 4. It was cool to see the spirit work with them!

We are also in a lesson with some progressing investigators they threw out anti Mormon stuff at us. Which was a bummer cuz before we were having great lessons but we answered their questions and they understood they can't just believe everything they see. And of course Tia got baptized!! It was awesome..she is awesome and is excited about the gospel. It's great to see a person change and gain that closeness with them!! so that was a highlight of the week!

Until Next week..

Love Elder Colton Bastian

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