Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hey Mom!

     This last week was pretty good! We had some pretty good lessons with some people! It's definitely a learning experience every week! Which is pretty cool. Dwain is still working so it's really hard to see him! Hopefully he will figure that out. He is so ready for baptism , he just needs to be dunked already hahaha. We also have been teaching this younger girl named Tia. She is awesome! She understands so well and reads all the time and is progressing like a champ. She is planned to get baptized August 27th so that's coming up pretty soon! I'm pretty excited about that! We have some other people progressing as well but no baptism dates yet! Every week is a learning experience and a fun experience so hopefully I'll be able to share them all with you in the future! We went to Gran Couva which is pretty much the bush in Trinidad, meaning the jungle. And it was so sweet. There's hills and we went adventuring through it to see waterfalls and all sorts of stuff! I'll send a bunch of pics of that! Also we have been doing service a lot lately it seems like, which has been fun. A less active member gave us curried sting ray which was good! 

     Thanks for the info of the stuff haha! I'm glad to hear of the week you guys had! And is that really how you spell Sesame St.? hahaha and I can't believe Trev leaves next week!!!!! I bet you are freaking out haha that's so crazy and that has came so fast! That's awesome his talk went good and Costa Vida for lunch wow luckys!!! He's gonna do awesome out here. I wonder how his mission is gonna be I heard the Trinidad mission is one of the hardest on the earth! So no wonder it's been tough hahah

     But I have a favor for you. I sent a scripture home to you like the first few emails when I was in Guyana. it's in D&C but I can't remember the verses. Could you send that to me? Also if you do ever send a package and if u send pics with that, could you send that one of me playing football. Like the one with me running the ball, shoving the guy to the ground haha 

     Have a great week tho! It's awesome when I get to email home so I can't wait to hear from u next week! and I miss all ya and love all ya too! Have a great week and stay strong! love you mom! -elder colton bastian

2 years- carly barlow
That is a song, also the computer is being really annoying so I'll have to send pics next week!!

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