Monday, August 8, 2016


hey mom!!

So first I'll  tell you about my week! It was pretty boring as well. It was kinda a tougher week, not a whole lot of people wanted to listen and our lessons were kinda low, at least low enough where I don't want them to be. But the only thing that I have to is work harder and keep pushing through, this week will be good I can already tell! We did service this week. We went to a member's home and she wanted us to move some dirt, so we were like oh yea easy, so we went on a nice day and it turned out the dirt pile was as tall as me and we had to spread it out over a big area. Annnnddd the dirt was mud and clay so it was pretty fun as you can image. It was soo hot I had to have sweat off 10 lbs haha and blisters all over my hand but we got her done. And it turned out to be pretty fun! We of course find service where ever we go, that's what I like to do, just helping brighten somebody's day by helping them.
Also we have a really cool investigator, she really wants to be baptized and knows that the Book of Mormon is true. So that's really neat. We are teaching her a lot and trying to help her come closer to this gospel. that's about it for the week that I can remember!

But I'm sorry to hear it's been a quiet week! that's awesome you got to go to Keith Urban tho! I bet that was fun! I'm sorry to hear about your gma. I hope and pray everything is alright. Just keep staying strong mom! just keep having that faith that everything will workout to the best. cuz I know it will! Just always have trust in our heavenly father!

But I got an email about the skype thing? don't know whats that about? Also how much does a prosthetic leg cost in the US? An investigator wants to know. Also how's the Olympics going? 

I've been trying to workout more and more cuz I think I'm getting chub and I don't want that so we've been running everyday and taking protein. So I had a thought of making protein pancakes which was pretty good haha I figured you could tell trev that.

Also I was thinking, when you were baptized did you see missionaries? And if so were you pretty hard on them or easy? And why did you get baptized? Just something to think about, haha I was just wondering about it.

But I love and miss you a ton! Keep being the best Mom there is! I'm grateful to have a Mom like you in my life! you da best! I'll talk to ya next week!
love ya! -elder colton bastian
Trinidad City

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