Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hey Mom!
I bet you guys are freaking out with Trev leaving! Cuz I know I am! That was fast, I can't believe he heads to the MTC tomorrow! That's awesome....look at all the money you'll be saving now hahaha
But a little about my week.. this week was pretty good! We did service which was great, cuz I love doing service and working! This week we just painted somebody's cement wall in front of their house. It was hot tho! I got a lot of sun where I was still white at. Also this week was our transfer call. So Wednesday is when we start a new transfer... luckily I'm still staying in Couva! Which I'm happy about cuz Couva is soo awesome! Elder Hanks and I will be crushing it again! It's been pretty fun working with him. We have tons of fun and always joking around... but serious when we need to be of course. But it's been a blast being with him! And also we are preparing for our baptism this Saturday for Tia. We are pretty excited for that and will let you know how it goes. We went to a small waterfall thing today as a zone activity too. It was fun and will send pics!

So I know you'll be focused on Trev this week and busy so I'll make it short;) but yea thanks for sending the scripture..... but have fun this week even tho Trev will be gone. Maybe that will make it a lot less stressful now haha but I do have a challenge for you and Dad... I've been reading the Book of Mormon a lot lately and seeing how great it is to read with other people so I challenge you and Dad to read the whole Book of Mormon before I come home! Will you accept or decline the challenge? Are you up for it? haha but the Book of Mormon is really great and it's awesome once you get into the story line of it.

Have fun this week! I'll talk to you next week!
Love and miss ya! Good luck with everything with Trev!
Love Elder Colton Bastian
Can't get more breathtaking!

The best way to cool down!

This is cool!

Found Protein!

Kinda feels like home up in the mountains

My prayers are answered!!!

Good thing I sleep with my mouth shut...hahaha

Adding another to the collection!

Part of the crew at our Zone Activity


New Book!

How awesome is this??

Holy...in our kitchen?? REALLY

Feeling Blessed

Service...helping paint

Hey found Aviators...YES!!!!

Feeling on top of the world


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  1. OH my GOSH....that SPIDER!! He looks soo good!!