Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hey Mom!!

    It was a holiday yesterday so I couldn't email! They have holidays like crazy down here. but anyway it was a pretty good week! Dwain didn't get baptized this week cuz of work again.. but we are still working hard for it, hopefully he can get off. Nothing too exciting happened this week. We had zone conference, I think McKay sent pics home of it. 

    We learned about love and charity. It was a really good meeting and how we can show more and charity in our lives and towards others. Moroni 7:45-48  As we show charity and love to everyone we can really feel more love as we learn the love that Christ and heavenly father has for us. cuz love is the greatest commandment there is. Matthew 22: 36-40. 

    It's been 4 months too!!! I almost forgot about that! It's crazy it's speeding up faster and faster. I really want to make the best of it here. But Saturday rained like crazy!!! It was flooding and couldn't even see cuz there was so much rain. But it flooded in some areas and we decided to help people cuz they were getting stuck in the water. So we got outside with water up to our knees and started pushing cars haha. It was pretty fun. I'll send pics of it. Other than that it was pretty quiet here

but yes I do have a/c in my apartment haha without that I would die. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing good! Trev will be gone soon. I can't believe Ammon and Styrling will be gone, they will do great. I'm happy I got to here from you and I hope you still are doing great!

    I love you mom and keep doing great! I can't wait till next week to hear more from you. 
miss and love ya

Elder Colton Bastian

This is gonna hurt

Good thing he is driving more now and not having to bike it!

sorry this was so short

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