Monday, July 25, 2016


Hey Maaahh!

    This week was actually really good! Elder Hanks and I working hard and going at it! We met some really cool people and you can see the change they will have with the gospel in their lives! We have been trying to meet with new people so we have been going around to different houses. So pretty much all the houses have big gates around them and instead of knocking we have to yell in to get them to come out. So we went to this one house and yelled, "Hello, good morning" and the guy was outside but once he heard that he walked in and slammed the door. So we were like alright then we yelled in again and then again. So the last time we yelled in he opened the door and unchained the dog at us so it would come and charge us, and he slammed the door again. But luckily the big gate was closed haha it was interesting how people are sometimes in Trinidad, they just don't want to hear it. But we just kept contacting, then eventually met this cool kid. So we didn't let that stop us haha

    Also yesterday in Sacrament I had this experience. A lot of people and investigators told us they were coming to church but church started and no one that said they would come came. I was sitting there in Sacrament and I was like devastated, I haven't felt that way before. It really upset me so I was down. That's when I noticed that this area is growing on me and how close to people you get. But half way through Sacrament Dwain showed up with his 1 yr old son and I was so glad to see that! Since he came yesterday, he is most likely getting baptized this Saturday!!!! So this week will be busy for me trying to plan it out and get everything ready for it! But I'm so happy he made this decision! So that was kinda my week. Overall it was great. I'm learning a lot this transfer being in charge and everything so it's good!

    I'm glad to see that you survived the babysitting haha. It must've been way fun and crazy with all them ahah, that's awesome to see Trev going to the temple! And how close he is to leaving! That must be hard for you to see both of us gone soon:/ haha but I know you are strong and imagine how less stressful that will be and peace you will get haha with not having to deal with us and all that money you are saving haha;) But it looks like you guys are having fun and doing great! Thanks for sending pics still it's nice to see them! and idk what that spider was haha that's the biggest Iv'e seen so far haha.

    But is that Yappers??? I miss that cat! haha please keep him alive for two more years and also duke, and haz as well .... idk why I'm missing those cats so much, that's kinda weird I wrote that but I'm gunna keep it cuz I'm too lazy to delete it. But keep having fun and I'll talk to you next week

love and miss all ya!!!
love elder colton bastian

some pics of the place. cozy and nice ahah and my bed is the queen size :P

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