Tuesday, July 5, 2016


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Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

         Hey Mom!!!
      I'm glad to hear from you again and hear the adventures u are having back at home haha it's always good hearing from the fam! Anyways this week was a pretty busy week! I'll try to tell a little bit about it. I've had two exchanges this week. Which means I went with a missionary for a day to a different area that is in my zone. So it's really cool to learn from them and meet new people. The first was last Tuesday and one was today. The first was Elder Vance, he's from Idaho Falls. The other was Perez, he's from the Philippines. They are pretty cool, I learned alot from them. Also I gave my first blessing this week to this older lady. She is sick and has strokes so I was able to give her a blessing of healing. It was a cool experience cuz it was my first but I could really feel the holy ghost afterward! I enjoyed it! Also this week was suppose to be the week of Dwain's baptism...... but he got a day shift in his job and he can't get it off soooo we have to postpone it till he can get work off... it's a bummer but we are gunna keep working with him and keep that excitment for him! buuuuuuttttttt his mom, her name is Jean, she is getting baptized this Saturday. She was going to like a month ago but she had shoulder surgery so she had to wait. So I was able to work with her and help her reach baptism. So this will still be my first baptism so I'm excited for that! and I won't be baptizing her cuz we want the members to baptize as much as possible so the converts can stay stronger in the church. So when I say I have a baptism it's me helping the person to baptize like teaching and stuff. So I hope that answered your question hahaha .
      But we had sports day today so all the missionaries in Trinidad got to play sports and have fun soooo today I finally got to see Elder Hunsaker!! FINALLY! It was really good to see him and to be able to talk and hang out with him! He's a stud. I was excited to see him! I have pics but I'm on an exchange and I don't have my cord:/
**What he didn't know was that Elder Hunsaker had sent a couple pics to Colton's girlfriend, Brodie, and she sent them to me!!!!

But I'm glad to hear about your week! I hope you and dad and Brit are feeling better! That's crazy that happened to Brit hopes she's feeling alright now, and hope u and Dad are good too! That's cool Trev had an awesome time on his trip!! The pics are sweet and it sounds like a blast. I'm missing working on the farm too haha I really enjoyed that! How's duke? haha I miss that cat.. This week I also got my trini driver's license so I can drive now but not right now cuz I'm still young in the mission still.
Also how bad can back spasms get? and how do they start? just wondering no worries haha
And I'll send the address again cuz I'm not sure ..... I saw a package and it was sent through something called mymissionarymail so maybe that's  what u send it through? idk tho.
But I miss and I love all of you guys!! Everyone get better soon tooo! Can't  wait for Monday! 
#stayclassy      #bebetterthanyouwereyesterday
Love Elder Colton Bastian!

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