Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Hey Mom!! 
It was a real simple week this week, not muched really happened! We are just getting ready for my first baptism on July 9th which is awesome! He is a real stud, his name is Dwain, I think I told you a little about him. He is actually married too!! A lot of these people here don't get married or aren't married so it's  hard to baptize cuz they need to get married first haha but they never want too. Which doesn't make a lot of sense. But with the blog you can put whatev on there cuz sometimes I might not write a weekly email for it so put what u want. I still have 17 people to write back hahah

But this week will be the month 3 down!!! People say it starts going by faster now. So next thing you know I'll be home haha

That's cool you are going to the concert! I'm jealous I hope you have fun! Bring back something;) haha that's  a really cool watch and ring you got Trev! It's pretty fancy! So its a suit mission then? What is Mexico City like? Where did you put all my stuff that was under my bed?!

So I finally used my card for the first time but I forgot my pin... so I just guessed it hahah and I got it right so that was sweet! We went to Port of Spain today. more of the city. I'll be taking my driving test so I'll have my license soon. It'll be weird cuz they drive on the opposite side of the road haha It'll be fun tho. So I sent some scriptures I thought were cool and funny last week so I'll  try doing that more often so you know I'm learning something haha;)

For most people when visiting Port of Spain would be enjoying this

But for Missionaries it's prob more realistic visiting, helping,enjoying this!

 But miss all you guys!!! and I love you all too!!! I hope u have an awesome week! and I can't wait till Tuesday to email you again!
love elder colton bastian

These pics are random but the moon was a full moon but my camera isn't as cool as my phone so I couldn't get it haha

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