Monday, June 13, 2016


Hey Mom!!

      I'm not gunna send an email about the whole week cuz I'm just gunna try writing people as much as I can today! But that's great to hear from everyone. Everything you got me for my mission is great! I would get the same cuz its great. Maybe not as expensive tho cuz Trev has a high chance of getting robbed;) haha But I'm so jealous of him!! That trips looks soooo fun. That's sweet he got to see and do the stuff he has. I wish I could do that haha. That's way smart of him to pull the clutch. pretty pretty clever! I hope they can continue, cuz that would blow! 
      I haven't made food yet haha I just leave that to my comp. But there were some photos that wouldn't let me see them so idk what they were. I'm glad you are talking with Brods!! 
But a little about my week, not much happened just busy busy. We did get kicked out of someones house haha that was interesting haha and we taught a pastor. Boy that was intense. And we taught a gay guy haha it was actually not a bad lesson haha that's the only highlights.
      What's Preston's email?

      Look up Jason Deere, he sings some good songs like candle, and brother I'll follow you... i think that's what they are.
      But I still miss home and you guys and everything like crazy! I always think about home, that may not be the best thing for me to do haha but I do love you guys! And I cant wait till next week.
      PS..Il'l try sending more pics! I didn't have time this week so I'll send you some selfies hahaha and we get a planner every transfer so I decorate it up so here it is... the one with temple is the one I use now

Gotta have some selfies! :)

Guyana planner

Trinidad planner

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