Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Hey Mom!

      It sounds like you and everyone is doing great! That makes me happy! I couldn't write yesterday cuz there was a holiday so don't worry I'm still alive haha
I'll try writing a little bit about my week but it won't be long cuz I have a list of 20 to write back haha idk Why there's so much.

      On Tuesday we had a district meeting like we usually do, but it was on the spirit and how we feel the spirit and how to help others feel it. It was a really good lesson. I learned a lot, like I am everyday. Being on a mission really expands your mind with knowledge of the gospel so that's pretty good. We had splits with the Assistants to the President so I left my area and learned from him. His name is Elder Naylor he has 2 months left of his mission. I had a talk in Sacrament about Christ-like attributes this last Sunday, it went alright. We had zone meeting today and learned about our heavenly father and the importance of making sure they know who he really is. Cuz there's so many different religious beliefs down here. ALOT of Hindus, the population is half Black and half Indian.

      But thanks for the pics! That's pretty awesome that Jake and Sara had their baby! I like the name too! Tell him congrats!! And I didn't get any pics of the renuion. Too bad I missed it.. haha.

******Emailing right back to him while he was online:
               Mom: OK I sent the reunion pics for ya!
               Colt:   thanks mom! you da best

      That's crazy u are already shopping for Trev that went fast!

MOM:    Trev wants to know where his letter is since you didn't email him last week!!
COLT:    I'll write him haha he got a ring? and I didn't  ;)   I wanna see his watch too!! 
               I didn't get a pic. Is it a suit mission?

MOM:    How are your clothes holding up? Doing good still?
COLT:   And my clothes are doing good! 

MOM:    Keep sending pics, I LOVE the selfies!
COLT:   And I figured you might like the selfies.

MOM:    Are you going to be in Trinidad for awhile? Do you know?
COLT:   I'll probs be staying here in Trinidad for awhile I'm guessing, it's a high

       I'll try getting a good pic so you can hang up this week! That's crazy Austin is going to Jamaica! I know someone there right now, tell him that haha
I'm so mad the Warriors lost!!! Come on Steph where were ya haha 

      Anyway tell gma thanks for the letters she is sending and the quotes and to keep sending them!! 

      But thanks for all you do Mom! I really appreciate it! Hope Dad had a good Father's Day. I miss and love you and the family! I can't wait till next Moday to hear how everyone is doing!

Love from your fav son;)  haha
-Elder Colton Bastian
alma 26:12
1 corinthians 13:11

PS: It was raining like crazy that's the pics of it, can't see it tho but it was like flooding haha weather is waaay weird here and the other pic is just random idk what it is

He couldn't email on Monday because in Trinidad it was Labor Day, this is the second one. First one was in Guyana of Labor Day......trying as a mom to learn patience but not sure how well that is working :) Just glad I was able to hear from him!!!

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