Monday, June 13, 2016


Hey Mom!!! and fam!!!!

      I'm not gunna send a weekly letter again, need to catch up on emails haha. But glad everyone is doing great, and hearing how everyone is doing! That storm was pretty sweet! There's been a couple here too! I should take pics of them next time! I can't believe you're already shopping for Trev, soon he will be out here too! That's crazy, I bet these two years will fly by! That sucks he couldn't continue on his bike trip:/  I've been eating fine! Good thing my comp is American cuz he makes a lot of American food which is sweet, and always pb&j , and always eat curry still, and doubles, and I tried chicken feet too... not my favorite haha 
      But nice job walking and finding motivation to do that! I'm gunna get a gym membership here so we can go workout in the gym in the mornings haha which will be awesome! 
      So what did you end up getting Trev for graduation? Did he go on the heli ride to see Mt. Rushmore? Who won the nba championship? Why don't you answer my questions? haha;) 
      You should also save the go pro so we can use it when we can go home too haha and all the videos and pics from it so I can see it. also don't break my phone cuz I liked the iphone 6 and I don't want anything upgraded.. idk why I was thinking that? haha 
      I've noticed I have given up a lot to come here... like I had a perfect life and had everything I needed back home .. I miss that haha and just living that life, hopefully this all will be worth it, I think it will be tho
      We went to Pricemart this week. It's like the Costco of Trinidad, it was amazing and went to Wendy's and Mcdonald's too. So that's nice. I miss your and Dad's food tho!!! and leftovers and everything, cuz I don't like cooking haha but I'm doing good tho! But also I'm known as the cowboy here so you should send some real cowboy pics of me on horses cuz people think that's reeeeally cool haha
      But highlight we finally got an investigator to come out to church! His name is Dwain, he is like the Rock/Mike Tyson mixed haha cuz he has a lisp, but he is a stud tho, He's moving towards baptism on July 9 and he is a great example to his family too! That was a highlight of the week for sure! You can also share my experience to anyone too. So everyone knows so I don't have to repeat myself to people haha
      But I miss you guys! Keep up the good work! I miss you guys and I miss the farm work too to be honest! haha But I've notice I don't like change, I like being content haha so that's something I have to overcome.. Anyways I haven't heard from Brit for a while? What's up with that?;) 
      But I have some scriptures that I came across:  1) 3 Nephi 13:34 and Mosiah 27:36-37, 28:6-7 they are good ones about don't worry, and the other is missionary work.

      But I can't wait till next Monday! Talk to you soon! and thanks for all you do and thanks for doing that for Brodie!
Love You Mom, Goodnight!;)
Elder Colton Bastian:)

Some more selfies..haha

If you zoom, you can see the ocean

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