Monday, November 13, 2017


hey everyone! 

This week was pretty normal. We are working really hard finding, teaching, and sharing the gospel. The mission is striving to have a white Christmas, of course not with snow but with people dress in white for baptism. So we are working towards that.

We had a lot of fall throughs this last week. It was all good we were able to have some great lessons as well. We were out finding people a lot. Met some really great people and have a lot of return appointments. So this week should be good.
We contacted this guy named Hayden, he is a big strong looking guy and has big dogs, works off shore with oil. I said the opening prayer and after he sat there smiled a little and looked up and said "sooo does anyone want some cake?" haha it was funny. He bakes all the time and just gives it out. He is a very nice guy and is really charitable, it was a funny moment.

We also had a young man we have been working with come to church! His name is Stefon, he is 17 yrs old. He came and he really enjoyed it. It's tough to get people from Princestown to church cuz you have to travel a distance. So when they come to church you know that's a good sign. He is praying about baptism so he is progressing well.

well have a great week everyone! 
alma 44:4

love elder bastian

highway of ants
me walking on stilts- it's was pretty easy, felt like I was walking in ski/snowboard boots
pics are blurry cuz flash is broken
founs iron man and spider man again

Monday, November 6, 2017


Hey everyone!

This last week was pretty interesting.
We had zone conference this past week, Elder Alonso came, he is from the 70. It was a great meeting, we talked a lot on the Book of Mormon and how to use it more. Also how the Book of Mormon works in conversion, it was great to be able to learn and to see the importance of the Book of Mormon.
We were still busy teaching and sharing the gospel. I was able to have some cool experiences this week. A lot with the Book of Mormon but other than that we had the day of service so we went and cleaned up a yard for the home of old people. It was some good work. I was pretty much on rake duty but it was fun.

Also we went to the zoo today! that was fun. We saw some tigers and lions and monkeys. I was able to feed a giraffe which was awesome! That's pretty much the highlights of the week. 
Also went to Sando Hill last week!

have a great week everyone! 
alma 36:6
elder colton bastian






Monday, October 30, 2017


5 months.. haha weird

hey everyone!

Not a whole lot happened this week. We have been staying pretty busy finding and teaching people! 
I hit 19 months today, weird how long I have been away from home. But it's is great here so I wan to treasure as much as I can. 
As I said we have been teaching a lot. There are a few people that are really great. Stefon is 17 yrs old and he is smart and wanting to know the gospel. We taught him the restoration and he was asking where that Priesthood is today. And so we testified it is here and he said he will pray about it. Also we are teaching three Guyanese brothers and they are humble and wanting to learn as well. These three and Stefon realized how important the Priesthood is so that was really cool to see.
We found a less active family that I used to teach so we stopped by them and are going to start teaching them again. The Ramnarine family.

We have zone conference tomorrow. Elder Alonso from the seventy will be there so it should be good.
Well that's pretty much it for the week! have a great week
alma 37:37-47
love elder bastian

ramnarines pets they had
monkey was a biter haha

Monday, October 23, 2017


transfer #14

Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying the snow and nice cool weather haha

Here in Trinidad it has been raining a lot!! Tons of rain, the downpours are all day long and just so much water. The thunder is crazy too, it shakes the entire building. But cuz of all the rain it has been flooding a lot in some places. Princestown is high ground so we all good here.

But this week was transfers. I am still here in Princestown but I am with Elder Nance. He's a good missionary, he goes home in 4 weeks so he won't be here too long. This was the first time meeting him haha so we are getting to know each other, he is a great missionary, he is from California. For a day during transfers we had some new missionaries stay with us, they both made me feel so old haha, in age and in the mission so it was fun being with new missionaries cuz they think everything here is so cool. 

For some reason this week we got so much rejection while finding people. Some were pretty mean too. One after the other, an old women pretty much told me to get lost haha, another a Muslim women just argued and wanted to bash. But with all of that we just continued to invite and to testify. Through all that we were able to find some really great people tho. Some really want to learn so that is great. The spirit was there as we went about.

There was a lesson we had and the man was asking why does God allow so much suffering and why so many things happen in the world today. It was a good question and I sat there pondering, I felt prompted to say that even tho we may not know why God does things that He does, we have to trust Him. He knows us and he knows what's best for us. As we continue to have that faith, then we can see those blessings we do have. Then I compared it to his 3 yr old son. Like a father and child relationship. So I know the spirit was in that lesson and helped guide my words.

have another great week! 
enos 1
love elder colton bastian

we also went to Ruby Tuesday for my birthday on Monday
the food I got, steak burger! quesadilla and mozerella sticks
the flood and water
Elder Dickey and Elder Roberts in the back, the two new missionaries.. I took the pic at a red light so that's why the funny face
Elder Mcgee and I

Monday, October 16, 2017


birthday and transfer calls

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Weird that I am 21 now haha doesn't even feel like it. I'm getting old fast!

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of pretty good lessons. We had a lot of fall throughs but it didn't slow us down. We have some new investigators we are working with and they are showing a lot of progression so that's pretty awesome! Step by step things are going great.

We had a teaching visit with the assistants this week. Elder Boyce was with me. It was a good visit, we had a few really good lessons and learned a lot form him. 
Also it was transfer call week. I'll be staying here in Princestown. So it'll be my 5th transfer here. I'm happy I'm staying, I love it here in ptown. But Elder Mcgee is leaving to Gasprillo. We will still be in the same ward tho but I am getting Elder Nance. He has been in Guyana his whole mission so idk him haha and he is going home in 4 weeks so it will be good working with him in the short time!
Also my birthday was pretty good. Elder Mcgee made funfetti pancakes for breakfast and pasta for lunch and we both made the cake! it was good tho. went by a few members. I got ice cream from the Icecream family and just a good day. It was a good birthday!

Well have a great week everyone! Continue to read the Book of Mormon too!!
one love 
elder bastian

old hindu temple
my comp and I and a missionary that's going home
my bday cake

Monday, October 9, 2017


October?? What!

hey everyone!

This week was pretty good!! Not a lot happened but it was a solid week. We had a lot of good lessons with some great people we have found. One man as we went back he told me something was special about me and he feels like he needs to listen to what I have to say cuz it's important so that was cool. We did a lot of finding a lot again but we are seeing good things come from it.

Kelston's mom is still not letting him come to church or be baptized, so Elder Mcgee, Kelston and I fasted for her to be willing and accepting. So we will see if that works out, but Kelston is still a boss so I know eventually he will be baptized.

We are going to start meeting with Betty (recent convert) daughter Niketa. She is wanting to change her life and be baptized. It was a miracle and it was all cuz Betty was praying for her continually and cuz of her faith her daughter and also other family members are wanting to learn. So that was awesome!!!

This morning I cut my finger on a can haha there was so much blood. Don't worry it is all good though. I'll send a pic

But we had a zone activity. We played ultimate capture the flag. It was intense and a lot of fun. It was muddy so we got pretty dirty but tons of fun.

That's pretty much it! have a great week

elder colton bastian