Monday, October 16, 2017


birthday and transfer calls

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Weird that I am 21 now haha doesn't even feel like it. I'm getting old fast!

This week was pretty good. We had a lot of pretty good lessons. We had a lot of fall throughs but it didn't slow us down. We have some new investigators we are working with and they are showing a lot of progression so that's pretty awesome! Step by step things are going great.

We had a teaching visit with the assistants this week. Elder Boyce was with me. It was a good visit, we had a few really good lessons and learned a lot form him. 
Also it was transfer call week. I'll be staying here in Princestown. So it'll be my 5th transfer here. I'm happy I'm staying, I love it here in ptown. But Elder Mcgee is leaving to Gasprillo. We will still be in the same ward tho but I am getting Elder Nance. He has been in Guyana his whole mission so idk him haha and he is going home in 4 weeks so it will be good working with him in the short time!
Also my birthday was pretty good. Elder Mcgee made funfetti pancakes for breakfast and pasta for lunch and we both made the cake! it was good tho. went by a few members. I got ice cream from the Icecream family and just a good day. It was a good birthday!

Well have a great week everyone! Continue to read the Book of Mormon too!!
one love 
elder bastian

old hindu temple
my comp and I and a missionary that's going home
my bday cake

Monday, October 9, 2017


October?? What!

hey everyone!

This week was pretty good!! Not a lot happened but it was a solid week. We had a lot of good lessons with some great people we have found. One man as we went back he told me something was special about me and he feels like he needs to listen to what I have to say cuz it's important so that was cool. We did a lot of finding a lot again but we are seeing good things come from it.

Kelston's mom is still not letting him come to church or be baptized, so Elder Mcgee, Kelston and I fasted for her to be willing and accepting. So we will see if that works out, but Kelston is still a boss so I know eventually he will be baptized.

We are going to start meeting with Betty (recent convert) daughter Niketa. She is wanting to change her life and be baptized. It was a miracle and it was all cuz Betty was praying for her continually and cuz of her faith her daughter and also other family members are wanting to learn. So that was awesome!!!

This morning I cut my finger on a can haha there was so much blood. Don't worry it is all good though. I'll send a pic

But we had a zone activity. We played ultimate capture the flag. It was intense and a lot of fun. It was muddy so we got pretty dirty but tons of fun.

That's pretty much it! have a great week

elder colton bastian







Monday, October 2, 2017


4th quarter of my mission

hey everyone!

So I officially have 6 months left on my mission. It is crazy to think about that! But just like in a football game the 4th quarter is where you win games. As I am on my 4th quarter this is where I have to keep giving my all and truly help those here in my mission, diligence is an important key in this. I taught a district meeting talking about this. So I am excited to see what happens these last 6 months!

So a little about this week, we have been teaching this 19yr old man named Kelston. His baptism was planned for this week but we got a call from him yesterday saying that his mom called him and was upset that he was going to come to church. So she isn't supporting it too well so we are going to go by his mom today and help with any concerns she has! I'm praying that will go smoothly haha

Also the first time I was here in Princestown I used to teach a lady named Suzan. We started teaching her again cuz I felt like we needed too but she has changed a lot! She is so ready for the gospel and willing to make the changes in her life, she said she knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and the book of mormon to be true! so we are going to set a baptismal date with her soon.

We also had exchanges this week. Elder Mckay was here in ptown with me, it was a great exchange. Learned a lot from him and found some great people, he has been on the mission the same time as Trev.

Also general conference was this week of course, some great talks were given. some of my favorite were: 
w. craig zwick ,talking about "look beyond what you see"
Ronald A Rasband talking about devine design, "we are placed in peoples life for a reason"
Doanald L Hallstorm talking about miracles
and also Neil L Anderson
so if you werent able to hear these then please do you wont regret it!

well have a great week!
love elder colton bastian
I wrote my name on their wall haha...they were fine with it
 Back from bat caves
 Bat Caves...more to come
Chipped my tooth at the bat caves not sure if you can see it

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Bat Caves

Hey everyone!

This past week has been pretty normal. Crazy to think that you all are getting snow all ready! haha that's pretty cool.
Couldn't email yesterday cuz of the holiday here. 

We have been busy finding people like always. It's been pretty hot and rainy here haha but we have been able to find some really cool people. of course some didn't want to hear but that will happen you just got keep working. 

We have been working with some great people. There is a recent convert named Betty and she is so awesome, she knows this gospel is true without a doubt and loves to read all the scriptures. I learn a lot as we go there. Also Kelston is still cool. We are working towards the 7th for him to be baptized so that is exciting.

We went to the bat caves yesterday. That was cool haha pretty small places and bats flying everyone. It was really fun . I have pics to show but will probably send them next week cuz of computer probs.

That's about it! Have a great week everyone!
Start reading the book of Mormon as well! I have seen how it has change peoples lives here! so read haha

love elder bastian

Monday, September 18, 2017


Hey everyone!

This past week has been pretty normal, nothing too exciting has happened.
We have been trying to find new people to teach so we did that a lot this week and it was hot! haha But it was good cuz we were able to find some really cool people. We contacted this women who was super interested. She was saying how she knows things were taken out of the bible. She also asked about the Book of Mormon so we were able to give her one. She said she"ll read it and we are going back to see her. So she is an elect for sure. 

Also we have been working with a boy named Keltson. He is pretty cool, he has baptismal date for Oct 7th so we are working with him for that. He is awesome tho, he reads the Book of Mormon daily and even before he studies for school. He has a desire for sure so I'm excited for that. We were able to take a member out named Brother Icecream with us. He is on board in helping him out and taking him to church so that's awesome!

Other than those things it's been pretty normal. It was a good week but not a lot of interesting stuff happening hahha
but I hope everyone has a great week! 
Matthew 5:14-16
be that light and that example for everyone

love elder bastian

no pics really for this week... sorry mom haha

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Back in Princestown

Hey everyone! This week was pretty great!

That's pretty crazy with the hurricanes and earthquakes going on! I hope no one was affected by it. Everyone was in everyone's prayer down here in Trinidad.

So I left and said goodbye to Tobago. It was nice to have been there but I am excited to be back in one of my old areas. Princestown is great, it was great to see a lot of familiar faces and to see a lot of the people I was working with down here. The members here are great!

We were able to see a lot of members. There is a family that are less active but are working towards reactivating. They are awesome. Their names are the Zoongies. The little 6 yr old daughter is a great motivator for them to come back. She keeps telling them how she wants to go to church and to the temple so it's great. We taught the word of wisdom and they had a few problems but as we taught they were like "Oh it's bad! Well we are stopping right now" haha so they are great.

We don't have many investigators right now, we just have one haha, so that means a lot of contacting and finding people.

My companion is Elder McGee, he is pretty cool and we work well together. He is from Utah so It'll be fun serving with him.
We had zone conference yesterday. It's was really good, we were talking about the faith in finding people and really diligence in missionary work, so it was really great.

Other than that no other news. I felt nothing from the hurricane and earthquake. The only thing is that it was super hot! cuz hurricane pulled all the breeze and clouds to it. But other than that Trinidad doing good.
My goal is to stay focused and work and do all I can here on the mission. Time is going down and I want to do all I can here.

Thanks for all the support and love!
alma 7:23
elder colton bastian


great family. csis camejo and her boys

Monday, September 4, 2017



Hey Everyone!

This last week was pretty good! It was independence day on the 31st so that was cool. We were able to watch fireworks from our roof top! I'll try sending a video of it today.

Other than that we were busy out there finding new people again. A lot of people we talk to are not very interested in the message so were are trying to find those that are elect. We finished in the area where we were contacting so we are now in a area that is across the highway. We have met some pretty friendly people there. So far so good. 

This last week I got to say goodbye to a lot of the people, it's a bitter sweet type thing. I've gotten to like Tobago and the people. I defiantly was able to learn a lot from these people and to see the faith that these people have is a real testimony builder. So I'll miss it here but excited to see what Princestown has in store.. again haha

While in Tobago I really wanted to make a difference in someone's life here and this last few weeks we were able to find people that are truly ready for the gospel. One man is named Antonio, he is awesome, he is very humble and really wanting to change in his life. He knows how much our Heavenly Father loves him and knows he has a purpose here. He is just trying to find it .... when I told him I was leaving Tobago, he said "thank you, I won't let what you taught/share with me go in vain, I will read the Book of Mormon and come to church" so I know we were guided to find him and he was guided to us. So that was a pretty great experience.

I fly on Wednesday to Trinidad and I'll be emailing on Tuesday next week as well.
Have a great week everyone!

ether 12:27
be better than who you were yesterday
one love 
elder bastian






Monday, August 28, 2017


Some changes + 7 more months

Hey Everyone!

The eclipse looks way cool! It was down here as well but it was only for a second and I missed it haha

This week was really good! The most exciting things that happen is first we went to zone conference. So we flew down to Trinidad again and was able to go there. It was pretty great seeing everyone haha especially being in isolation up here. But the Zone Conference was centered on goals and the atonement. We learned a lot about the blessings we get from the atonement, so it was really good. We are teaching it differently than we have been and it has made it a lot better to teach. It's pretty great when we are able to use the atonement cuz it defiantly helps us each and every day. One blessing I like is found in ether 12:27

We also had exchanges so Elder Mckinlay and Elder Mckay came up to Tobago.  Elder Mckinlay came with me, he goes home in a week so it was fun being with him. He's a great missionary and had a lot of cool experiences with him, so that was pretty fun having them here. 

Also we got our transfer a week early so next week I will be leaving Tobago :( it's bitter sweet haha and I'm going back to Princestown again! I didn't see that coming haha but I'll be with Elder Mcgee, so it should be great. Also Hazel is planned to be baptized September the 9th so I'll miss it... I'm hoping to come back to see it though! I have been working with her since 1st of May so I would love to see her baptized.

We have been working hard and we have found a guy named Antonio, he is really cool and he actually has a desire to learn more. We talked about the restoration with him and he was big about the Priesthood. Like asking where it is at and the importance to have it. So he truly wants to know if we really have the Priesthood so I'm excited to continue to teach him until I'm gone.

I know the Priesthood is very important and I'm glad that I am able to hold it. We have been able to exercise it a lot here in Tobago, whether it be give blessings or blessing/passing the sacrament. I am happy that it is here today so we have the path back to our Heavenly Father.

Well I hope you all have a great rest of the week and here is a few scriptures I came across that I liked
D&C 6: 33-37
john 14:27
matthew 28:19-20

take care and one love!
elder colton bastian

centipede (poisonous)
Tobago hot dogs





Monday, August 21, 2017


Live Laugh Love

Hey Everyone!

This past week was pretty good. It's gone by super quick haha, it feels like time is getting faster and faster now!

Not a lot happened this week again, we had exchanges with the assistants. Elder Boyce (from Idaho) and Elder Rose (from SLC). They are some great elders, I learned a lot from them. Elder Rose came with me for the exchange and we had some pretty great lessons. As we talked with a few people they really expressed how family is so important to them. Which is pretty great cuz that's what the gospel is centered on is families.

We have been contacting a lot once again. Tobago is the land of contacting. We found a few really cool people, one women was super nice she lived down this dirt path that didn't seem like anyone lived down there. But we decided to walk down and we found a house. we gave her a Book of Mormon and set a time to see her so that was cool. The next was this younger man who is a barber (barbering is a big thing down here), but he was interested and asking us questions. Usually people aren't interested but he was so that was awesome!

Hazel didn't come to church this week... so we may have to postpone the baptism so that was unfortunate.

In a lesson I taught how the good times will always over top the bad. Which I found to be true. When you get disappointments you gotta look at the positive things that are happening and go in with a good attitude. I also gave a talk again in sacrament meeting. It was about endure to the end. I used the message from Pres. Eyring: the reward of enduring well so it went pretty well.

Other than that nothing exciting happened. I solved a rubix cube in 1 min and 30 sec so that was cool haha other than that not much

mosiah 27:36-37
some scriptures on missionary work that were nice.

Have a great week and don't forget to do something nice for some one!

one love 
elder bastian


Monday, August 14, 2017


hey everyone!

This week not a lot happened. We were trying to find people to teach this week. All day we would walk and try finding people. We found some cool people though, we found this one man named Robert. He is 84 yrs old, we called in the house and he came out. And one of the first things he does was high kick over his head and sprinted to us hahah and he is 84 so that's pretty impressive. We got talking with him and he is a cool guy, a lot of history. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said 'the spirit is telling me this is a good book, I need to read this" so that was really cool. 
We also found this guy named Hayden. He is from New York but originally from Trinidad. I saw him all week walking down the street and I was hoping we found where he lived and at the end of the week we did haha so that was cool. He has seen the missionaries all over the world but never talked to them. So we will see how both are when we visit them again.
Besides contacting nothing else. Hazel is planning on getting baptized this month so we are still trying to help her. so that's exciting.
that's about it for the week.
quote I like " forget yourself and go to work" - pres Hinckly's father
mark 8:35
and mosiah chapters 23 and 24 I liked these chapters. as we turn to the lord he will always deliver us out of trouble or difficulties
have a great week 
one love 
elder colton bastian

We had a lot of extra avocados so we made face masks hahah

found a cool place