Monday, January 15, 2018


Be the Change you Want to See

hey everyone!

So pretty great week, I am now in Trinidad back in Arima with Elder Hill. Guyana was really awesome! I'm going to miss it a lot and the people too. I left Friday to come to Trinidad so I spent most of my week there.

In Guyana we have a lot of prepared people we are teaching. Data and Shanti should be baptized next week, they are so excited for it. We are teaching a women named Sister Paul, she has been Hindu her whole life but now is converting over to Christianity. Teaching her it's amazing to see the light that has been brought on her life as she has been coming closer to her Savior. She has a desire to be baptized now and feels that peace that he brings. Julie is awesome too, she has cancer but her faith is so strong and she knows she can be healed through Jesus Christ. Her knowledge is great, it's pretty easy teaching her cuz her understanding is there.
In Trinidad now we have a few people on baptismal dates now. They all have a desire so it's awesome too see their want to get baptized. I'm pretty grateful to be able to work all of these people. My testimony has grown teaching them and working with them. 
In Guyana we were with the Henry family. They are less active that we picked up when I was down there. I taught them 19 months ago and I remembered them and was sad to hear they are less active. We started to go by again and they have a strong desire to come back to church and to fellowship and do missionary work on their own. They want to have that change in their lives. She told us this quote "be the change you want to see". as we put ourselves out there and act on our faith we can have that change that we desire.
I have been learning a lot from the Book of Mormon as well, I am in 3 nephi 9. This is right before Christ comes and visits the people, before he comes there were disasters and darkness for three days. Enough darkness that no flame could be seen. It's amazing how He is the light of the World and how He can be light in our lives that will always helps us see and feel that love.
Continue to read. Continue to look towards Him.

love elder bastian







Monday, January 8, 2018


2018 begins

Hey everyone!

Weeks are going faster and faster. It's pretty crazy. I got my transfer call, I leave this Friday and I'm going to Trinidad again. I'll be in Arima with Elder Hill again so that will be great. I'm excited to go back there.

From last week few things have happened. Guyana is still amazing, we have been working hard and having fun. This week our bikes were giving us problems, we broke 5 chains and punctured my tire this week. Not sure if the chains are bad or we have been biking too hard haha. So when we breakdown we will pull one another on the bikes. We hold on to our comp bag and he has to bike harder. so it's pretty fun.

We have some solid investigators here. Shanti and Data have a date planned for the 20th of this month. They are so prepared, they will keep their commitments so they are able to almost teach us in the lesson. So they are awesome. Marlon is really cool and really wants to know the truth. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Sahadeo was a Hindu for 58 yrs and now he is converting to Christianity so that's really cool. We were teaching Bro Jacobs and he asked if he could get baptized. He wants to change and want to do the right thing. That was awesome to see.

That's all that has been happening this week. I wish I could stay here in Guyana. It's a great place.
Our goal in the mission this month is get all those that were baptized to the temple. That is a goal we should all have. 
Thanks for the support and the love.
Always remember what the Lord as done for you. never forget, always remember
love elder bastian
some Guyana views

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


2018!!! happy new year

hey everyone

1 happy new year. I don't know where the year has went haha
First week in Guyana has been amazing. It's great to be back in one of my old areas. So many familiar faces and a lot of new ones too, not a lot of people remember but I don't blame them haha it was like 19-20 months ago.
I am on bikes again and it feels good. I am definitely out of shape but it has been great to be on bikes. It has rained every day since I have been here, so the roads are all muddy. It's been funny riding on the trails in the mud and on the small bridges.

We are teaching a lot of awesome people, a lot that are prepared. They are super humble and want to learn and want to change. We had an investigator named Marlon we were teaching and this guy came in and wanting to bash with us and disprove us but Marlon testified about the Book of Mormon and how he knows it is true. So that was cool to see him (an investigator) stick up for what he believes in. The guy couldn't say too much more, he wants to be baptized but wants to makes those changes in his life first.
I have a lot of other great stories that I could tell right now but you'll have to wait till I come home. But everyday on the mission continues to confirm to me that this church is true, the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and as we follow the commandments we will be blessed. As we read the scriptures the holy ghost will bear witness to us that the words are true just like how Marlon has experienced. Also as we strive for the holy ghost in our lives, it will bring the most comfort peace happiness we could have. Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity, it's just how we use it and how we spend it. I love you all and have a great week.

love elder bastian

road we bike in Guyana

cook up (rice , chana, bean like things, some meat. something like that) and chicken foot, with juice

cow face pepper pot, (food dish that is interesting but pretty good)


Saturday, December 30, 2017



This week was pretty great! Definitely a pretty warm Christmas. After being able to skype the family we went to the President's house and ate dinner, did a white elephant gift exchange and then watched a movie, It's a Wonderful Life! Great day!

One of the most things I like about Christmas is being with my family. Also I really like how it's about giving as we reflect and see how much we are given or see the many blessing, it makes me feel pretty appreciated for the many things He has given unto us.  So the Christmas season is pretty great.

The main things that happen was first the baptism we had.
Justin and Jadan was able to be baptized. It was a great service, we were able to be there for their confirmation as well. That morning the bishop in Sangre Grande called and said it was canceled cuz the font was all locked up. So we drove there and was able to get it unlocked as we climbed through the ceiling haha. Also the mother had already called it off so we had to talk with the mother to set it up again. It was the boys who convinced her. They really wanted to be baptized that day. So even though there were a few trials we were able to have the baptisms so I am pretty grateful for that.

The other thing is.... I'm in Guyana now!!
A missionary broke his arm in Guyana so we had to trade places for three weeks. So I'm excited to be down here. I am in my old area in Diamond so a lot of familiar faces and places so it's pretty great. I have missed Guyana and really wanted to come back so it is a tender mercy for sure. I'm as excited to work with the people down here. I am with Elder Batista. He is from Idaho too, from poky so he is pretty cool!

But those are the main events for the week. I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas holidays.. continue to give even after Christmas. Whether give your time, talents, service, love. Just give cuz it makes a big difference.

love elder bastian

climbing through the ceiling to the font


Arima Christmas party

our Christmas tree




Monday, December 18, 2017



Merry Christmas!!

This week was a pretty interesting week! First we were driving back from district meeting and we got in a car accident. Don't worry we are okay haha, and I wasn't driving either, but we got rear ended pretty bad haha but all is good though. 
This last week we have been trying to find some new less active families to teach, we found some so that is great. We are still trying to find some and the members are helping a ton which is great. It is great to see the members doing missionary work, as they continue to do that Arima branch will defiantly keep growing!

We have been preparing two boys for baptisms in Sangre Grande. Justin (13 yrs old) and Jayden (9), they are awesome! They are getting baptized this Saturday so we are really happy for them! and happy to be apart of that!
we have some great people we are teaching so that is awesome!

We also went to Gran Couva today there are some waterfalls there that we went to so it was great! We had a lot of fun
in church, we taught gospel principles and we taught this man (who isn't baptized yet) in there. He is from Denmark and he was an atheist. He was telling us how he came to know that there is a God and that He loves him. He told us experiences in his life how as he looks back at them he can see someone was really there watching over him. so it was great to hear his testimony of our Heavenly Father. 

Continue to reflect and see the great blessing and love our Heavenly Father gives us. Especially during this time of year as we reflect on Christ and the great sacrifice he did.
have a great Christmas!

Special thanks to Monte and Ann Blanchard for thinking of me here in Trinidad, your support is appreciated! Love where I come from!

love elder bastian




Monday, December 11, 2017


Remember the Reason for the Season


So this week went by so fast! It was a really good week. Christmas time is coming up and being in 90 degrees of heat doesn't make it feel like Christmas a whole lot haha but it is still great though!

So Arima is a great place, I am grateful to be able to be here. The members right now in the branch are getting really excited for missionary work. I guess before they weren't too much but now they want to come find the less actives with us and come teaching with us! so that is really great to see them getting pumped for the work! We have been taking them out teaching and it provides for a great friendship and testimony for those we teach.
We had zone conference this week, it was really good. We talked about working with members and strengthening new and returning members of the church. I learned a lot and really see the importance of members and fellowship. So it was really great!
My comp hit his 1 year mark this week. It's pretty weird to be the second oldest in Trinidad now haha.
This last Saturday we had a Christmas activity with all the wards and branches in Trinidad here in Arima. Since I'm in Arima I was able to go to that. I was able to see a lot of people I know from Couva and Princestown so that was awesome to see them. It was a Christmas around the world so we had food from all over. It was a really fun activity.
So Arima is going great and the work is going great. Able to see a lot of blessings. 
I hope everyone has a great Christmas season!

love elder bastian

a lot of these are from the Christmas activity

then our christmas tree and a monkey haha

Monday, December 4, 2017


Arima Side

Hey everyone!

Well this week was pretty eventful and busy. A lot of the missionaries I have been serving with in the mission just went home so it's crazy to see them going! It's weird being one of the oldest in the mission now haha

But I'm in Arima now. It's a pretty good area, we are working with a lot of less actives in this area. There is a lot too. It use to be a ward but it's a branch now. So we have a lot a work with working with the members. The members are great though, very nice people up here. Elder Hill is an awesome missionary, he has been out like a year and he is a stud. We have been having some good times and working well with each other. We are also teaching a lot of prepared people, we have a few dates set for the 23rd of December. So that's awesome and still working on some more. Also having a lot of spiritual experiences while teaching too. So I am grateful to be up here in Arima.

That is pretty much the update of the week. Christmas time down here sure is different haha no snow or anything. We did buy a tree today so we are going to put that up haha It'll be good. Stefon (the one in Princestown) is still doing awesome, getting closer to his baptism date.

That is pretty much it, continue to be the best you can be and study from the Book of Mormon. You will see a difference in your life as you do so. I've been reading in the war chapters in Alma and as I apply it in my life you can see how you can learn from it. It's been pretty cool to see that.

Wish you the best and stay safe!
love elder bastian

Katelan member in p-town

My district haha

said good bye to plum-b
and to birch

taught at a prison... haha jk these apartments tho

we got pulled over haha I wasn't driving tho

nice spider 

Elder Hill and I in the rain

Monday, November 27, 2017


tis the season

This week was a pretty interesting week!

So first we had a thanksgiving dinner at a member's house on Monday, her name is Sister Persad. She is great and the food was delicious. Classic american food so it was great.
Also since we are closing Princestown down we had to prepare the area for it. So we were busy with that, seeing everybody and organizing things so the elders in Gasprillo will be able to cover it so busy couple days!

On Thursday for thanksgiving we went up to the mission home at the Egbert's. We had a great thanksgiving there and a little devotional there. We went around saying what we are grateful for and of course I am grateful for my family. We also had pumpkin pie so I was pretty happy about that! Elder Nance, my comp went home a couple days early so he could see his brother for the last few times till he goes on his mission. So for these past couple days I have been with Elder McGee (my old comp) and Elder Peterson. We have been in Gasprillo so I have been showing Elder Peterson around in Princestown so he will know where to go. These past couple days have been pretty fun with these two. Great elders.

Stefon is still going solid. He came to church again yesterday and is really enjoying it. He is studying the Book of Mormon and is loving it. I am happy to see him progressing in the gospel and I can't wait till he is baptized. I know the elders will continue to help him with that.

I am going to Arima Tuesday night and I will be with Elder Hill. He is an awesome missionary so I can't wait to serve with him. That pretty much covers this week. Have a great week everyone and continue to count your many blessing one by one. Always have a thankful heart.

love elder bastian

sis persads thanksgiving an her Ferrari

Betty an awesome recent convert

a flood that covered a lot of roads



thanksgiving- camera is weird

saying bye to Elder Nance

Pizza Hut with the elders

The Zoongie family

Me and Stefon

this tunnel in the middle of no where