Monday, March 19, 2018

WEEK 103

3rd to last email

hey everyone

It is pretty crazy to think my time is almost up on the mission! These past two years have been great. So many great people I met and so many great experiences I had! I'm grateful I had this chance to go on a mission!

This last week was really good. We have been working really hard this past week and we have been able to have some great experiences. We have been teaching the Victor family. They are a big family of members and nonmembers. They are progressing so well. They want to be baptized and make those changes in their life so its been great working with them. That was a great highlight.

On Saturday night we were buying some food at this place and the owner came out the back room and wanted to talk with us. He invited us in the back of the shop and we just talked about what we did as Missionaries and how we share the gospel. He was really interested and never heard about the church before. He is from Syria and is in Trinidad for the time being. He was really nice. We told him where the church was so he could come, he said he wanted to bring his family as well so it was great. He also gave us the food for free.

Also on Saturday our plans we had were falling through but it is amazing how things work out. We ended up seeing a lot of people that day and as we went about the day people we contacted in the past saw us and asked when we can come by so we taught them right there. So the day was filled and so many great people are prepared for the gospel. It is truly by divine design. I'm pretty thankful for that!

Thank you everyone so much for the support and prayers. I'll be seeing everybody real soon! love you all

love elder bastian

Malcolm our branch mission leader, he's a boss he just left for BYUI
some views

Monday, March 12, 2018

WEEK 102

hey everyone!

Not much to say this week. It was pretty normal week.
We had an exchange this week so I was with Elder Mckay, it was really good and we had some awesome lessons. 
Also this week we went to a baptism in Chaguanas a man named Jonathan got baptized he is awesome. He was so excited about his baptism. He shared his testimony how he found out about the church online and he read some of the Book of Mormon and after chatting online with missionaries he was able to meet with the missionaries that cover that area. So it was pretty cool to see him get baptized.

Really other than that we have been finding awesome people and have been working with a family to get them baptized so it's been great!
I wish I could stay a little longer to see them all get baptized but I'm grateful I was able to teach them a lot.
Our area covers 3 different wards so we have been working with all of them and so it's been great to work with the members here in Trinidad. You really come to close to each one.
I'll try making my email a little bit more exciting next week but have a great week!

love elder bastian

Monday, March 5, 2018

WEEK 101


hey everyone! 

Not a whole lot happened this week! The area is doing great and I'm doing great. I really hope there is snow on the ground when I come home. By looking at it, I may be lucky. But we had a really cool lightning storm yesterday. So much rain and thunder, it was really cool.
We have been meeting a lot of great people. This man we talked to last week is really prepared, we got there and he said "this is the same foundation that Christ built His church isn't it?" so that was really cool he is seeking. Also we set a baptismal date with a man named Brother Harper, he loves the Book of Mormon. So we are going to continue to prepare him for his baptism next month.

I also finally weighed myself, from the beginning of my mission to now I have lost like 11 pounds. So I have gotten smaller haha but Elder Peterson loves to cook so maybe I'll gain it back before I come home, he made meat loaf yesterday.

Other than that everything has been pretty normal. Have a great week... enjoy the snow. Always be working on those good habits like praying, reading, going to church, helping those around you. It's amazing to see the difference it can be in your life. 

love from Trinidad.... elder bastian

- my planners front and back

Monday, February 26, 2018

WEEK 100

Hey everyone!
It'll be a short email, not a lot of things happened this week.
It's the start of the new transfer and last transfer. It's strange to say it's the last. It's kinda sad haha. But my new comp Elder Peterson is pretty great. We get along really well. We are working hard and trying to find some more people to teach. 
There were some great lessons we had, one was with a man named Atiba. He is really wanting to know more about his gospel and has a great desire to learn more. He had some questions about Joseph Smith so we taught a lesson and all we did was read the whole way through the first vison account and see what we could learn about our heavenly father. It was great, he learned more how he appeared to Joseph Smith to restore His church and that they have bodies of flesh and bone. He said he has to do some serious praying but those who seek shall find. And with his desire I know he will get answers to his prayers.
Other than that it just has been a fun week of memories. 
enjoy each and everyday. 

love elder bastian

Monday, February 19, 2018



Hey everyone!

This was a very productive week! A lot of this happened.
It was carnival week and Valentine's day. For a few days we had to go in early cuz of the craziness going on outside haha, during those days we had exchanges. I was here in Arima with Elder Mckay, he is a great elder. 

On Thursday we had a few special guests, Elder Kearon and Elder Zivic from the Seventy and their wives came and spoke to us missionaries in Trinidad. It was awesome to be able to hear from them, the spirit was really strong and they talked about some great things. They mentioned how it's a commandment to rejoice. So be happy... be joyful of the things around you. We have so many great blessings all around us.
Also we had a baptism this week!! Dionyese was able to get baptized. She has been so patient for it. She's been waiting for almost 2 years and now she finally accomplished her goal so I am so happy for her, her knowledge and testimony has grown so much!

We also got transfer calls, I am staying in Arima for my last transfer and Elder Peterson will be my companion. He is from California and a pretty funny elder. It will be fun and working really hard as well.
Elder Hill is going to Tobago! so that will be fun for him.
It is amazing how many experiences you have as a missionary and how much the spirit helps you along. The experiences I have been having has been great to see how much His hand is helping us find and help those around us. I know as we always rely on the spirit we will see things happen.

love elder bastian





Wednesday, February 14, 2018


carnival week!

hey everyone!

The last couple days were carnival so everything was closed.
this week was pretty good.
We had some great lessons with a lot of people. we went through the Joseph Smith history with a less active member and it was such a spiritual experience to see what she was able to learn from Joseph Smith's experience. I've read that so many times but she taught me some new things from it.

We had a lesson with a man named Atiba, he is really seeking for the truth. We shared the restoration video with him and he was like wow it all makes sense, he said he really has to study and pray to really know that heavenly father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. But he is really seeking for that truth and wants to know as well, such a great desire just like the scriptures say if ye shall seek ye shall find and I know he will find.

We have been teaching a nice lady named Dionyese for a little while now and she is getting baptized this Saturday!!! She has been coming to church for a while now and has been really patient. She is so excited and I am really happy for her.
Also a few minutes before sacrament meeting the branch president asked me if I could talk in sacrament. Of course I said yes. I wasn't sure what to talk about so as we were sitting and singing the opening song I said a quiet prayer asking for the help and guidance of the holy ghost. A thought came in my head to talk about prayer. I'm not sure why but I got that prompting to. I was able to give the talk. I shared my personal example with prayer and how we can gain that relationship with him as we pray. I know my words were guided by the holy ghost. Starting of the mission I know there was no way I could have done that. I am grateful for the guidance of the spirit and learning to trust in the promptings and also in Him. 

The past two days was carnival so a lot of craziness haha so Monday we had a few lessons and then we chilled with the branch. We played cricket and basketball . It was a ton of fun! 

take care!
elder bastian

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


fishers of men

Hey everyone,
Couldn't email yesterday due to the shop was closed haha but this last week was really good!  We had Zone Conference this last week, it was really good. We talked a lot about the goals for this new years and what as missionaries can we do. We also talked about the conduct we do as missionaries and how we can change and improve on the things we need to, of course we can always improve each and everyday. It's a process, we even talked about after our missions and who we want to become. It was a great and spiritual conference.

Also we have been getting referrals lately. We got one from headquarters and this referral was from 2 years ago. I called her she was still interested in the Book of Mormon. We met with her and she is really awesome she wants to learn more about this message and about the church, she is definitely prepared. And through all the patience she is thrilled we were able to stop by. Also with a family we taught last night Brother Victor (who is a strong member) wanted us to teach his children. They are part member families and less active members. We met with them the first time last night and they are amazing. There are 2 reactivation's and 5 baptisms right there. They are all prepared, they love church! They say they learn more from the days they went then the whole life in any other churches. Everyone in the lesson participated too even the little kids were raising there hands and giving great answers. Their family is close and they know our Heavenly Father loves them. They all decided to come to church because Brother Victor had a family home evening with them all and the words he said to them all made them all want to change and come to church and be closer as a family. I do know how heavenly father answers prayers. We have been praying for a family to teach and to baptized. I know we have found that family. He prepares His children. I also know family home evenings are very important. This help with their choice on coming to church. I'm excited to work with this family.

Also yesterday we went fishing at a pond at La Vega it was a ton of fun. Just remember to be fishers of men and share the gospel and the happiness it brings.

love elder bastian

Monday, January 29, 2018


hey everyone!

This week was pretty good! It was pretty eventful.
One cool experience we had was with referrals. The assistants gave us a lot of referrals that were never contacted the past two years, so we had a good amount. In them we found Jennette, she asked for a Book of Mormon two years ago.  I called her and said we wanted to deliver the book that she asked for. She was excited about that so we set a time up to see her, we went by on Tuesday and started talking with her and it turns out that two years ago missionaries already contacted her and gave her a Book of Mormon, she also even had a baptismal date. When we called and told her we had a book for her she thought it was a different one and wanted it. She is really excited for us to come by and teach her again, she is really interested in learning more about the message and wants to start reading the Book of Mormon again. She is pretty prepared so it's pretty amazing that we were able to find her again and start teaching her again. Amazing how we are guided to find those that He wants us to. I know that we are being helped through this work and guided every step of the way.

Also this week we went to Tobago. We did an exchange over there so we went with the missionaries there and taught with them. It was great to see the wonderful views again, also to see some of the people I used to teach. One women actually got baptized that at first rejected my comp and I but after reading the pamphlet she wanted to learn more. So it was cool to see even tho you may get rejected down the road they will prepare and the spirit will touch them as you share.

This morning as well we went to a waterfall in Maracas it was awesome, great adventure with the district. It was up in the mountains and jungle. It was a blast.

that's about it for this week.. we have zone conference this week too so that should be fun!
3 nephi 18  great chapter. it is amazing how we can always be filled with the spirit that will always help us in our lives.

love elder bastian 

bye to senior couple Stecker's

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