Monday, September 26, 2016


Hey Mom!

This week was a pretty good weeek! By the end of this week I will be on my mission for 6 months!! That's so crazy haha it has gone by fast now that I think about it! I only have 3/4 of my mission left so I really want to use every time I have to bring others unto Him cuz  I won't get this chance ever again. But I'm really liking my mission so far and I can't wait to see the next 18 months have in store for me. But this week I went on an exchange with Elder Jay Birch, he is from poky and went to Highland High School, he's pretty cool so that exchange was fun. On it I had cow heel soup haha yep it was actually not that bad at all it just felt weird eating. But this week we really saw investigators pop out of no where and they all are ready for the gospel in their lives. So really cool to see those tender mercies we receive and how prayer rally does work! We have been seeing more at sacrament and investigators that are really working towards the waters of baptism. We have one investigator who is moving and is suppose to be baptized on the 8th so we were worried she wouldn't be taught or could make it to church but then she told us that every Saturday she is going to stay with her son so she can go to church and be taught. So to see the dedication of people and when they find the truth it's awesome to see that they are willing to do their best! So that was a really cool experience for me. We also did service which was a blast. we mixed cement and casted it out. It was like 1000F so you could imagine how sweaty I was hahaha it was so hot. But that sums up my week! Miss yall and love ya!

That's awesome you and dad did so great on your talks!! I bet it was awesome so good job! I wish I could be there to hear it haha, but thanks for all the pics!!! And the pics Gpa and Lytton had also! They were sweet! I really appreciated them since I can't get packages like Trev that makes up for it haha. The football team is looking pretty sanzy looking and looking like they are doing good! Makes me miss those days. haha also could you get me Colby Brown's email???  
Well I hope you and dad have a great week! Nice desk by the way and I can't wait till next week! Love ya both and keep striving for the best!
Matthew 19:26 Matthew 21:22

Love Elder Colton Bastian 
I tried sending pics but it wouldn't let me so I'll send them next week:(


Monday, September 19, 2016


Hey Maaaah

This week was a pretty good week! We had our zone meeting which was really nice, got to learn all about working with the member that we have and our recent converts. Which is really important cuz we are the ones that help strengthen them and help them continue to endure to the end. As they continue to gain the testimony that they have they will be solid members. We set two more baptismal dates this week as well. So planning on having one on the 8th and two on the 22nd. So I'm looking forward to those days. I'm praying they will continue to feel the spirit in their lives. We had a great turn out for Sacrament, we had 4 investigators at church! That rarely happens! It's pretty tough getting people out to church, they either have to travel to church, or they have no motivation haha but we are working with them and finding solutions to help them! So I can't complain at all. I'm grateful I get to be here and help those that haven't found the light in their life to find it, and seeing the change in their life as they do find it. It's one of the best feelings you could get! A scripture I sure do like is
1 nephi 4:6.. it's awesome. As we go out in our life is important to know that the spirit will help guide us no matter what even if you don't have any idea. The spirit will be there! We just have to stop and listen!  Also on a side note, we had sports day today so all the missions in Trinidad got together and we played sports. And at the end all the missions had a long race maybe like as long as a football field and I got in 2nd!! Only a Jamaican beat me so I'm like 2nd fastest in the mission haha no big deal or anything. But always continue to have faith and trust in our heavenly father. He will always be there as we have that trust!

Where you at on your reading? I just got done with it and now I'm starting over haha 
But thanks for the pics they were great! And I'm happy to see everything going so well! Continue to have fun this week, can't wait to hear from you next week! Love you Mom and Dad!

Love Elder Colton Bastian!


Monday, September 12, 2016


Hey Mom!

     So this weeek was just an ordinary week. haha not too much exciting things happened. We were able to go on splits this week to accomplish more, (splits are when more than one companionship will be in the same area.) So I was able to go with Elder Thompson again so that was pretty fun, it was like we never separated haha. but we were able to see more people this week so that was really nice! We had some pretty great experiences while contacting and meeting new people! The area we have been in lately while contacting is pretty hard cuz people don't open their doors..haha but this week we saw a lot of success, people were willing to listen and they were wanting us to come back. So that's pretty sweet to be able to come back and teach them! That was great to see the change in that. But other than that it was just a good week of teaching and finding people.

     Thanks for all those pics! That's exactly what I wanted. Thanks a bunch! Could you send the one of senior night baseball, and me running the ball in football. Then I won't ask anymore for right now haha

     That's awesome Trev is enjoying it so much! He has a nice room! That's great to hear from him! His letters are pretty good too haha

I miss that cat so much haha I trained him well ;)

     And how come Syd picked my number? Or is that what they gave her? That's funny haha and at least it's getting represented!!!

     That's awesome MV is doing a lot better in football! I wish Doug was my coach And when I talked to you last we went to Pricemart (like Costco) and got a bunch of food, a lot of random stuff. I eat a lot of beef patties, rice, eggs, bread, that's like my diet so far.

     But I wish I could call too but I'm happy to see everyone doing so great! And I like the challenge Trev left haha I'm going to add on to that! Also where are you at on your reading? haha it was great hearing from you! Can't wait to hear about next week! I love you both and continue to work hard. You will really see the blessings as you do so! Take care!

Love- Elder Colton Bastian


Monday, September 5, 2016


 Hey Mom!

      So my week was pretty interesting! It was full of ups and downs. The downs were we kept having people fall thru with our appointments with people. They were either busy or didn't want to see us that day. But the ups were pretty sweeet! The first was with this less active person we have been teaching trying to get her reactivated. Before Sunday she was saying she couldn't make it to church cuz she didn't have enough money to catch travel but I told her that some way our heavenly father will provide. And sure enough he did provide, she made it to church and when we taught her this last Tuesday, she told me thank you for giving her that hope and reassuring that she will be able to make it! So that was really awesome and her testimony is so strong too so that was a neat experience! Also we were having a pretty bad day but then in one of our appointments we set a baptismal date for one of our investigators. It wasn't planned to set it but we felt like she was ready so we set it and it was pretty spiritual in the lesson and she accepted! So that's amazing. Then last night we went and taught this member and her grandson became really interested in listening to us and he has never sat in lessons before so we were asking him questions and he said he has a desire to be baptized and at the end of the lesson he asked for us a Book of Mormon! It was really awesome! So it was really nice seeing that the ups were greater than the downs. So as we are going through the day and it's not going very well, if we remember to keep pushing through and have that diligence and trust that we will make it through, we will! And we will see the great things that come from it as we do! It's all about the attitude we have on things as well, if we go through everything with a great attitude we will appreciate things a lot more in our lives!

      That's awesome Trev is doing so amazing, it sounds like he is loving it so far! He is looking at it with a great attitude haha and that's awesome! I hope everything at home is all fine and dandy! And I love and miss everyone and I hope you two have a great week! Also I can't describe how much I miss football right now! haha

      Also could you send pics of me at the farm or of the farm or on a horse or stuff like that! Steve our investigator wants to see the ranch life haha

 Love you all! Take care!

 -Elder Colton Bastian


Look Gma I found your sign! ;)