Monday, October 31, 2016


Happy Halloween everyone!!

This last week was pretty normal week, no cool stories or anything like that. The only things were zone conference and Divali. So this zone conference talked about or purpose as a missionaries and how we should always try to improve. It was a good meeting! We had a recent convert come and he bore his testimony and told us how he felt as he made changes to his life to become baptized. It was a really nice conversion story and it really made me think of being a missionary. This is a great calling we have to invite and help others come unto Christ. We are not just teaching and telling what we know but we are truly changing lives out here. That's probably one of the greatest experiences to see here on the mission. 
the next thing is Divali. Its a Hindu holiday and of course it's celebrated big down here. But as missionaries this holiday only consist of food, (7 curry), lighting Deyas, seeing a bunch of lights, kinda like Christmas lights, food, fireworks, and food. haha so it was a really good day to experience and be apart of to see how the culture is for other people. They go all out too, making helicopters out of bamboo, and making arches of lights, they are really crafty down here.
Other thing is we finally saw Dwain!!!! We caught him home when he had a day off. I'm hoping to continue to teach him again and help him be baptized. The only concern is I hope he still has that desire to help him feel that happiness again it's gunna take some prayer and faith. Cuz I know he knows it's true, he just needs to show his faith. But I'm really excited to work with him again!!
Have a Great Halloween! go scare someone for me haha, love ya all.

Hey Mom!!
haha so I enjoyed your pics they were pretty funny! looks like your in the Halloween spirit. And I'm actually dressing up as an FBI agent haha;) black pants, black tie.. but I'm  doing good! health is good, I email at an email shop haha it's like a gaming/email place.
And you should ask the Hunsaker's about sending packages. cuz Mckay gets a lot and he said it was cheap, and they always get here. so maybe check that out haha
And that's pretty funny dad pulled the gun on the missionaries hahah that's a funny experience for them! 
but all is well glad everyone is doing good.. talk to ya next week, love ya all!!
have a great Halloween!!! 
love elder c bastian

no pics this week.. my camera is being dummmbbbbbb

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