Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey everyone!!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I can't believe its already November! Time sure goes by fast, seeing pics from home everyone is growing up and is getting older haha that's so weird to see. But this last week was a pretty good week. It was pretty eventful. We had a lot of fall through with appointments which is always a bummer but we used that time to go find people to teach and we met a lot of cool people, some are really ready for the gospel. But we've been getting some head quarters referrals from Utah so you know that's pretty important to go contact them. If not they get on your case haha but we met one and he's been wanting a book of moron for 10 years now and already knows about it. All this time he didn't know there were missionaries here. But it was cool to get that to him. We had another referral from an investigator and with Trini directions they are not very good so we knew it would be tough finding but as I was driving I listened to a prompting and it told me to stop , so I did, and we got out tried one house it wasn't it but the house right by it was it ! And this lady is really sick and really prepared for this gospel so that was a great experience as I listened to that still small voice. 
We also had an exchange so Elder Steed (Canadian) he is a really cool guy, I would hang out with him after the mission, we talked about hunting the whole time haha. 
We also had a national day of service so we went to the children's home and cleaned the place up for all the little kids, like power washing cutting grass, painting, anything you could think of we did haha and the whole ward pretty much came out to help so it was really great helping those that really need it. Also the church made a video of it so I think it will be either in the magazine or on the website so look for that! haha I'm pretty famous in it. 

Also we had a baptism but it was a children of record so it wasn't a convert baptism. But I did teach the little boy a lot, trying to get him ready for baptism so I was happy I was able to do that and be apart of the baptism.

That's about it. Have a great week everyone! love ya all
Elder C Bastian 

Hey Mom!
I'm gunna try sending pics for this email if that's alright haha I have a lot to send and so little time. But 7 curry is a Hindu dish they eat when they are having prayers (someone dying or celebration) but it consist of roti and curried stuff

But you're the best and I love ya! I hope you have a great week!!
Love from Elder Bastian 1

Here's the rest of the pics for this week:

Always shake it out before entering, DANG!

Spiders down here are HUGE!

Trick or Treat! My FBI costume, Happy Halloween!

My birthday shirt from Trinidad

He's a comedian!

"Hello, fam and friends BAUCK, Elder Bastian is the coolest!"

Look how little
Made from sticks and bamboo

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