Monday, November 14, 2016


Transfer this Wednesday to Prince Town....

Hey everyone!!

This week was a pretty good week! And also it was transfer week. So I'm finally moving away from Couva which is bitter sweet news for me! I have gotten really close to the members and people here. Spending 6 months here you start really creating friendships with the people and it's like my little home here. But I am excited to have a new experience in my next place. I'll be going to Princes Town here in Trinidad. It sounds like a great place and I'm excited to go. It's more south than I was before in Trinidad. So you could probs find it on the map. I'll be serving with Elder Steed, he is the one from Canada, the one I went on exchange with so It'll be pretty fun! other than transfers not much else has happened. I had to say a lot of goodbyes this last week which wasn't fun haha I hate saying goodbyes. 

But on Sunday I told bishop in Couva that I was leaving and he decided to announce it during sacrament meeting. When he did everyone looked at me haha they seemed pretty sad about it, but bishop he asked if I could give a final talk like 5 min before sacrament. So I said yes of course but I had absolutely nothing planned. So I went up there and pretty much winged it haha I ended up talking for like 15 min tho without any notes, just using my head. It was a good talk, I talked on something I read from a liahona and then helaman 5:12. So it's cool how since being a missionary you're able to do stuff like that now and I know that talk didn't just come from me but came from the holy ghost. I couldn't do it without it that's for sure. But that was a really neat experience! I'm glad I'm able to learn so much and be able to share with others now about what I have learned. So that's about it for this last week. One thing that's a bummer is I'm leaving all those I had baptismal dates with set so that stinks but I know that the missionaries will continue to help them along.
miss and love all ya! helaman 5:12

From the Trinidad Elder

Idaho is famous here!

Wendy's drive-thru tunnel

Pic of me and an Investigator

Gran Couva Tree

Hey mom!! 

So I have another story you could share if you want too haha this morning I was buying doubles (trindad meal with chana and roti type thing) idk haha google it,, but as we were eating and buying some this drunk lady came up to us and was like are you mormons?  (in the drunkest voice you can think of ) she was holding a beer and everything  and smoking and the funny thing is she was trying to give me a hug the whole time haha it was pretty funny.

Anyway this week was good! Thanks for the pics! And I hope you could guess what was happening in the pics I sent you haha and that's cool you are sending me a gift:) idk what I want just yet... I'll think it over this week and I'll send you it next Monday if that's fine.

And I'm sorry to hear that about you gma.. I know for sure tho that she is doing well tho in the life to come. I know it might be pretty tough right now but always remember that you will see her again and get to be with her. You know I'm not good at telling people or comforting but I know she's doing well. I hope you have a great flight to Ohio tho! Tell everyone I said hi. that'll be nice seeing everyone there again!
And final thing i guess is ... dem boys tho!! Dallas is killing it that's awesome! And I'll definitely be watching for the super moon!

I hope you and dad have a great week and a safe one too!
I miss ya and love ya! 

Elder Trinidad
helaman 5:12

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