Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mother's Day


       We were patiently waiting for our Elder to get online and call, after a period of time we realized that he actually had let me know when he was gonna be on Skype in my time zone NOT his.  I was starting to think there was a blackout in his area and wouldn't be able to see his handsome face! But then.......

We all cheered and smiled full of joy when he popped up on the computer. What a sight for sore eyes!!!  I (mom) had told everyone there that I wanted to be the last to talk him him but if you know me then this won't come as a surprise....yep I just started chatting away haha. When realizing I wasn't sharing I bowed out and gave the time over. 

With Colton's brother leaving to serve his mission and making Colton wait until Mother's Day when they could see each other to share where he was called to and when he was leaving, made perfect sense that they talked first. Colton couldn't believe that Trevor was going to be leaving August 23rd to Mexico City and spanish speaking. He guessed Spain or Colorado haha

We wasn't sure how much time we would have talking with him and wanted to make sure everybody had their own time with Colt. 
So from there he spoke with his Grandparents, Brodie (girlfriend), Britney (sister), then sibling time with Britney and Trevor. Will (exchange student from Sweden) was able to join in with Colt's siblings. After a bit, Matt (father) and I got our turn!!! 

We were shocked but definitely blessed to be able, in total, talk with him for over 2 1/2 hours! Absolutely loved every minute to be able to catch up and hear the experiences he has endured. Before our time ended we made him pose for one last picture. 


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