Monday, December 5, 2016


Hello everyone!

This week was a pretty good week. For starters Esther and Sophia, the two investigators we had got baptized this week! It was a great experience, you can already see how happy they are and how the gospel has brought that happiness to their lives. Esther expressed how before she went down into the water she felt the holy ghost and how she knew that the decision she was making was the right one and true one. So it was great being apart of that!

That was the highlight of the week, along with that I was able to hang out with Elder Hunsaker for the day. My companion had a meeting so Hunsaker and I went proselyting and finding so it was pretty fun for the day. Also, Wednesday, Steed and I went to Point Fortin and while we were trying to find people to teach , we  were calling into the houses and we came across like a really rich neighborhood. We were walking by this hotel suite type thing and the lady calls us in. So we were able to experience the high life. It was soo nice in there, there was a monkey too. haha so I was able to pet a monkey. So that was really cool.

Sorry these pics are blurry

But Christmas is coming up! It's a great time of the year, always remember what this holiday is really celebrating, cuz that's the greatest gift we all were able to get! 

It's really different not seeing snow here hah so I sure miss that. But I miss and love ya all. Have all a great week!

Elder C Bastian

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