Saturday, April 9, 2016

MTC Arrival and letter

Arrived at the MTC
Dominican Republic
March 30, 2016
Hola! Como estas! 
I am here in the MTC now, i got here about 2 i think. My flights went well! i didnt have any trouble at all, everything went well! Money transferred was good and he was a pretty cool guy.Flights were tiring, i tried sleeping when i could but you cant really sleep in a plane so im pretty tired haha. I met up with some missionaries in Atlanta and they are pretty cool guys. The MTC is nice, its not crowded at all. I think i'll stay here 2 or 3 weeks, which we kinda new. And while in the MTC the P-days will be on thursday not monday. but not tomorrow so youll have to wait till next week. And no packages to the MTC so youll have to wait till i get out in the field. Just making sure you knew.Also everyone in the MTC is pretty much talking spanish so that parts hard haha. Ill start classes and stuff tomorrow. Met my companion too, he is from the Domican Republic but hes good at english and hes pretty cool. Well theres not much more to write cuz theres not alot that has gone on. But wanted to let you and everyone that i got here safe and its been great so far. And i already miss you guys! its alot different being on your alone haha. Also i dont think i can write brodie yet so tell her everythiung i just said and tell her i miss her too. Love you guys and i'll talk to you guys in a week! 

Also i know my spelling and grammar is bad but this doesnt have spell check at all haha
Group pic with Missionaries from MTC

President Brent and wife Sister Ella Romney greeting Elder Bastian  

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