Monday, January 30, 2017


week.... idk haven't figured it out haha (good thing Mom's keeping track)


That is soooo much snow!! I sure wish I was there right now! I really feel like snowboarding and snowmobiling so much right now haha it just had to snow like this when I left.

But my week was pretty normal. E. Hagood's birthday was pretty fun. We had a member cook (Justin) and then played basketball! It was great! We also had a missionary broadcast this week. So some apostles talked to us about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was a good broadcast, I learned plenty from it. Also they changed the schedule a little bit so that's interesting. It's a lot more flexible.

We did a lot of service this week. One was with Sister Boohdan, we cleaned out her garden. But a lot different than back home. We used machetes and chopped up all the vines that grow on the fence and everything. That was pretty fun! Then we did service for our bishop, we cleaned out one of his rooms they haven't cleaned in years. I felt like I was doing storage wars haha finding a bunch of different old stuff.
We had a lot of people fall through but we were able to find other people to teach. We were teaching this guy and his mother wanted us to come see her. She is ill and 99 yrs old! So we went and saw her, and when we were about to leave I said a prayer for her. In my prayer I said that she can be blessed with strength, and I said when we leave the spirit can be here to help her feel peace. We left and about 10 min later the son called and said his mom is still praying and when he asked her what is she doing she said someone is still here praying for me. 
So it's pretty amazing what prayer can do for someone, it is truly powerful. And I know that she could feel the spirit that was there and the peace it was bringing to her.

That's all for this week! Continue to read the Book of Mormon and always remember prayer, as we pray personally he is going to know us personally. He wants that communication with us, we just have to pray.

Have a great week!

Love Elder Bastian

-we found a Little Caesar that just opened!
-when you gotta go you gotta go haha

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