Monday, February 6, 2017


More weeks than I can count


This week was pretty interesting but it was good tho! For some reason this week it was really hard seeing people, we weren't able to have as many lessons as we usually do. A lot of our investigators aren't wanting to progress so that kinda is hard. One investigator (Affeza) just got a new job and now it is soooo hard to see her, she is always working. So that's been pretty difficult to work around, she still wants to be baptized but her schedule is crazy. So we are praying real hard for her to be baptized and make it possible. 

We did a lot of service this week! Which was awesome haha we cleaned out a garden with machetes, shovel sand, carried sand, mix concrete the trini way, build up a wall with cinder bricks, and couple of other things. So we were plenty busy with that. But it did help them out a ton, cuz one was an older woman and the other he cut his toe off so he can't move around as good. So it was great helping them out.

I also did some blessings this week. We had to search everywhere in the hospital for this lady who wanted a blessing, we could not find her. It took us more than an hour to find her. But I gave her the blessing and it was amazing I could feel how that blessing gave her comfort as she goes through the time she is going through. 
That same day.... this man cussed us out so bad! He was throwing the f bomb at us and saying this church is false. He was a less active member, so that's pretty sad to see how he just changed like that.  So that was interesting

We went to Mayaro this week. It's like 1 1/2 hours away. It's on the coast of east of Trinidad. So I was able to see the beach over there so it was really cool!! We had some great lessons over there too.!! So it was great!

It's amazing how our heavenly father blesses us in our lives, we just have to look for it and notice the blessings! Continue to look how much He has blessed us with.

love elder bastian

Service Work

The Cleaning tools we have to work with


View from the hospital

My old planner covers

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