Monday, January 2, 2017


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

This last week was super great! Skyping was wonderful! I updated everyone about my weeks during then so ask my mom about it haha. But Christmas was really great this year. I was able to go to a rich members house and had a big dinner so that was really great. She has a big sky view looking over the ocean and a library that's 3 floors so she is pretty wealthy, big house and big heart.

Being the KING!

We had another baptism for Couva. Her name is Mya! I started teaching her and was able to help her be baptized.
I'm in Couva again for a bit until I get my new companion. The total time I would have stayed in Couva now is 200 days haha like 7 months so it's like my Trini home now.
Mya's baptism

Saying goodbye to Elder Steed

The signs they have here.....oh boy

But I love all ya and I hope your Christmas was great! Don't have too much time today!

one love!

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