Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey!! wat hapin to ya!

This week was pretty normal not too many things happened. We had an exchange this week so Elder Plumb came to my area, he is from Twin Falls so it was pretty fun hanging out with him. Also we are teaching a lot of part member families so that is really nice. There is one family that lives in Rio Claro, which is an 1 hr drive from us and it's headed into the bush or jungle pretty much. But he is a return missionary and his wife isn't a member so we are teaching them. He loves missionaries too, he made pizza and AW root beer and ice cream so he treats us pretty well.

Our investigators Affeza and Onika are doing great. Affeza lost her job tho so now it's hard for her to travel to church so that's pretty tough. So hopefully she will be able to find a job! But they are for sure going to be baptized! 
oh yea we met this pastor guy and he was trying to tell us that we are false and was dissing on us and our religion and it was no good. He eventually just walked off but the spirit was definitely not there haha he was a real piece of work haha but he will have to humble himself one day.

Other than that not too much happened. It's my companions birthday today so that will be fun. We have Justin (member in Couva) cooking and then we will play some ball so it'll be fun.

But I hope everyone has a great week! Remember the church is true, and always put your trust in the Lord cuz when you do you will see how much he blesses us! Also continue to read the Book of Mormon, it's truly a guide in our life that will help us through anything!

one love!
love elder bastian of trinidad

-rio claro
-the trini way.. doorag and hat haha
- carnival costume

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