Monday, January 9, 2017



Hey everyone!!

This week has been pretty nice! nice warm weather, sun everyday, 90 degrees, nice Caribbean breeze haha! definitely not Idaho right now, don't freeze everyone!!

This week was good tho! I said my goodbye once again in Couva and in Princestown now with my new comp, his name is Elder Hagood. He's pretty cool, he's into wake boarding and hunting so that's real cool. We've been working hard here trying to see everyone again since its been a time away. But I saw Affeza and Onika (with baptismal dates) and it was a good lesson. I shared alma 40:12 , talking about the spirit world and paradise and after she started crying so it was pretty nice to see that scripture touch her heart like that! They are a great mom and daughter investigators, they are for sure going to be baptized. 

We found this one young guy, on the streets and he is pretty poor, he suffered from a coma and head injury. But he was really humble. I was talking with him and he asked me this question, "how is it being a missionary" and I kinda thought about that and I responded "you know it's great, I love being a missionary and helping those around me." and  that is so true, being a missionary is wonderful. You really get to see how people really live there lives and to see and hear what people go through in life. It's a real humbling experience to witness this. And it makes me really grateful for what I have and how I get to know about this gospel. and even more glad I get to share about the gospel, how families can be together forever and share about the happiness it brings!

I'm grateful for everyone back home and for all you do and the difference you make in random peoples each and every life! love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Colton Bastian

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