Monday, July 31, 2017


8 months left!!

Hey everyone!

It's weird to think I have been out here for this long now haha

This week has been pretty interesting! Since Elder Kohlieber and I are pretty much running the branch we had to get the quarterly report in and the wifi was down. There was like no way of doing it, so that took a lot of our week trying to get the wifi up and going. It's still down haha but we were able to send the report in so that was really good.

Trying to find people has been kinda tough. A lot of people are always too busy or just don't want to meet with us haha so we have been trying to work on finding people that are truly prepared and that actually have a desire to learn more about this message. We did find a new family, they are pretty nice, we taught them yesterday and they were pretty interested. We asked what it would mean to them if Christ's teachings are here today and what they would do if they found those teachings. They said they would follow it and be baptized by His authority. We testified that they are here again and it's found in this church. So I can't wait to teach more about Joseph Smith and the restoration.

Hazel finally came to church!!! She seemed to enjoyed it. We are seeing her tonight and so I hope she can continue to come and eventually be baptized!
Other than that not much happened this week.

I hope everyone has a great week.
John 15:16
I just liked this scripture. Just remember that Christ is always there for us and it's up to us to follow Him.
take care!

one love
elder colton bastian

service wound haha roofing someone's house with metal roofing

Tobago views

scarecrow haha

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