Monday, July 24, 2017


new transfer ...#12

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty productive. Still the same old same old. 
We had exchanges here so two elder from Sando came up, Elder Mckinlay and Elder Mckay. It was a really good day with them. We split up so we could cover more ground. We ended up having a lot of contacts and lessons that day. It was finally nice to be with other missionaries for a change haha when you are in isolation up here it's great for a change. We also had the APs come up this week, it was really good. We had a really great lesson with Elder Boyce (he's from Idaho too) and me. We were meeting with Hazel and helping her to understand the Book of Mormon better. After the lesson she was able to understand it, as well you could tell the spirit was working with her a lot. At the end everything just clicked to her why the priesthood was important, why we have the Book of Mormon and the bible, why there had to be a restoration. So it was really cool to see that. I asked her, "who told you that" and she said " well the spirit" and I was like yea how did that feel " and she said "it feels good" so I know she knows these things are true and she will defiantly be baptized it's just a matter of getting her to church.

We also had our transfer call this week. I'll be staying here in Tobago for 6 more weeks with Elder Kohlieber. So that's pretty sweet!

Oh also a girl Elder Hagood and I taught in Princestown clear back in February just got baptized! She is awesome, I knew she would eventually.

That's really about it... not much other than that. I hope you all have a great week and there was a talk I liked from last general conference. It's called stand up inside and be all in. So you should check that out! As we are all in nothing can stop us from achieving our goals.

take care! one love!
elder colton bastian

in going hindu;)
elder Mckay and Mckinlay on exchange
sunset from last week

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