Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been pretty busy in a way, we have been working hard finding new people this week like always. The famous phrase is " call me next week" haha so you can imagine what that's like. But we are finding a lot of people pretty interested now and had some great lessons.

Thursday we went and did service at Sister Cupid's house. Sister Cupid is a boss, she is a farmer/fisher women and loves to work. She wants to go on a senior mission at a temple. She is selling her house and land. She's currently living in a smaller wood house and also she tore out all the bush and trees on the hill next to her house. And it's pretty steep, but she going to plant corn and sell it to save money up for a mission. So it's pretty amazing what people do to give back to the lord. So she is really awesome! For service we cut branches and put it in a pile bigger than two tractors and we burned it. The fire was pretty big haha.

Friday we had zone conference so we flew to Trinidad again. It was good, we talked about teaching skills cuz you can always improve no matter what you are doing. So we stayed there and flew back Saturday. President flew over with us as well. It was really great having President here for a couple days. 

Hazel didn't come to church this week so we have to push the baptism back a couple weeks. That's a tough part getting people out to church. investigators and members. so that's what we are working on strengthening the branch and finding people and working with Hazel.

The scripture I liked this week was Jacob 5: 61,62,71,72, 75 those are all good. As week labor diligently we are going to receive those blessings and be filled with that joy in our lives. Also Jacob 6:12 says it all haha
have a great week and a great fourth of July!! and take care!

one love!
elder bastian






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