Tuesday, June 27, 2017


When you realize you have 9 months left of your mission........

Hey everyone!!

It was a Muslim holiday yesterday and when it's a holiday everyone takes work off haha even if its not your religion. Don't worry we didn't take the day off tho. This week was pretty good! Not a whole lot has happened really tho.

We started contacting in this new area and it's really great. We have talken to like almost everyone on the street and return appointments too. So that's what this week consisted of. We were truly guided to that place too. We needed to find a new place so we pondered and prayed about it and I got a prompting that we needed to be in this new area. So our Heavenly Father really guided us through the spirit to this place. we have had a lot of success in it.

Our investigator with a baptismal date for July 15 is doing well. She wasn't able to make it to church this week but she is awesome. She is really smart and wants to come and be baptized so I'm excited we are working with her.

Not really anything else happened from the last time.  This week I hit 9 months left so I'll be in single digits now haha which is weird. It doesn't even feel like it. o if anyone gets pregnant soon, I'll be there when it's born haha

Also I'm the branch clerk too haha  I'm in the ward directory now.

But anyways have a great week and until next time. one ;love! 
Jacob 2: 17-19 seek the kingdom of God first and everything will fall into place. 

love elder bastian

We drove around the whole island yesterday! it was fun. I feel like a pro driver now. those roads were winding and super small. Try driving a car where only one car fits but you manage to fit two cars there ahah. It was fun tho. We stop at a bunch of different places. I sent only a few pics home but I have more to show ya in 9 months

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