Monday, June 19, 2017

President's Message

President's Message
June 2017
Issue #23

It has certainly been a month to remember in the Trinidad Port of Spain Mission. We have had two missionary groups arrive, one missionary group depart and conferences thrown in for good measure.
On May 1st we welcomed Sister Pareja, Sister Spijkerman and Elder Keller. Sister Pareja was assigned to Curacao and Sister Spijkerman and Elder Keller to Suriname. Bon Dia and Welkom! Elder Buxton and Elder Marks arrived mid-transfer and are becoming acquainted with the missionary work in Aruba. Bienvenido!
Our departing missionaries returned home May 3rd. Thank you Elder Lorenzo, Elder Uri, Elder Tobierre, Sister Masciantoni, Sister Jenkins, Sister Ramirez, Sister De Lima, and Elder and Sister Gertsch. We know you will bless the lives of others and continue to keep mission memories close to your heart.
Zone Conference was centered on the blessings of the temple. The missionaries enjoyed learning that everything we hear in the temple, finds it roots in the scriptures. President Egbert encouraged us to visit the temple often and reminded us that “If you touch the temple, the temple will touch you!” We have conferenced in Aruba, Trinidad and Guyana and will visit Suriname and finish the ABC islands next month.
A two-day Mission Leadership Council was held in Trinidad to discuss the missionary efforts taking place on the 5 islands and 2 countries of our mission. It was inspirational watching the zone leaders and sister training leaders teach and learn from each other. We are grateful to serve with such capable and testimonied young adults.
Our mission also experienced some very timely miracles. For almost a year, we have not had a missionary permit granted for entry into Trinidad. We also had an association bond that was expiring that held the names of eight missionaries. If the bond was not approved and renewed, these missionaries would need to leave Trinidad. Two days before the bond expired, it was approved. That same day, we found out that a handful of missionaries received their missionary permits to enter Trinidad. The missionaries that were approved have been serving in Guyana and the ABC islands. We do not know exactly what this means for the future of missionary permits in Trinidad, but we do know that our mission received a miracle when we needed it.
We are grateful for all the prayers offered by our missionaries and their families and have been humbled by the Lord's hand in making sure that His work moves forward. We are here to gather Israel and He is aware of the people in Trinidad, Tobago, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Guyana and Suriname. May we trust in His timing and acknowledge His assistance in our lives every day.
"For if there be no faith among the children of men, God can do no miracle among them;
wherefore he showed not himself until after their faith." Ether 12:12
Love, President and Sister Egbert

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