Wednesday, June 21, 2017



A Note from Mom: So the tropical storm Bret/hurricane that went through his area is finally over. I asked him how it was and how he was. I was SOOOO HAPPY to hear from him today. He knows how I worry and feel he has down played it all but that's him....he said "it all good Mom, I didn't blow away and it was just like storms we get at home (YEAH RIGHT...NOT) but he is in great spirit and told me it showed how much I love him and care that I was contacting my resources and I have made some great friends since he has been on his mission. One guy, Justin, that lives in Couva and apart of the church had called him in my behave today to check on him for his momma and he happened to be getting online to write me. I am so thankful for Justin and the compassion he gave and that everyone there made it through the storm. Now on to Colton's letter....

Hey Everyone!

All the email shops have been closed for the past couple days. Monday was labor day and then yesterday was a storm warning so everyone was inside haha.
But this last week was pretty interesting. I flew to Trinidad with Elder Vance and to get my new companion but all the flights were booked so I stayed in Trinidad for the week. And guessed where I stayed ... yep Couva once again haha, so my old comp hagood opened a new area in Couva so I helped him out showing where the members are. So I showed him around Couva but now I am with my new comp in Tobago. His name is Elder Kohlieber, he is from Los Angeles, he's a pretty cool elder, a surf kinda guy. he is a great teacher too.

Not much to tell about this week just cuz I wasn't in my area haha but we did go to the botanical gardens on Monday just like a nature park so we took some pics of that. Also we have a baptism planned for the 15th of July, she is so excited for that. We had a lesson from her last night. She is already gaining a testimony of the things we are sharing. The spirit has really been teaching her so it is great to see that change in her.

That's pretty much it for this week. I hope everyone enjoys this week with all the snow and storms haha pretty weird for June I'd say. 

have a great everyone , one love!
 love elder bastian

pics by the airport.. yea that's by the airport haha
Another tag pic for Mom! And still by airport




Now for the pics I took a couple of Monday's ago at the Argyle Falls...


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