Monday, March 27, 2017


12 down 12 to go!!!

Hey everyone!!

This week will make it a year since I've been out on my mission!! It's so crazy how fast time has gone! I've been loving my mission and all the experiences I've been having! It's pretty cool to see the changes I have seen and the knowledge I have gained! Grateful to be out!

So just like Trev there were changes this last week!! I'm in Couva... again! It was great to see all the members again, they were pretty happy to see me! This area is so amazing, it truly is a home away from home. We have some pretty good investigators as well. There is a kid and his dad doesn't want him to be baptized just as yet. He is 9 years old but probs smarter than me haha but we are working on that!

Oh and just like Trev too I am a district leader! I have already done a baptismal interview for this 12 yr old girl. She was so prepared and it was a great experience interviewing her. I witness her baptism as well. She told me that this gospel has brought happiness to her and her family and I know that's true this gospel is truly amazing and does bring happiness and joy!

Oh and some less actives I was working with over 6 months ago are finally coming back to church! That is something really great to see, they made the change they needed too and they are seeing the joy from it now. So I was really grateful to see that.

I'm excited what this year will bring me and to see what's in store here in Trinidad. Thank you everyone for your support! I love you all and have a great week!

one love!
~elder colton bastian~

no pics... my battery is fried I think...

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