Monday, March 6, 2017



 I feel like I just emailed not too long ago haha but I guess a few things happened within those days.

1) Still contacting and having lessons with Muslims, pretty interesting haha I've gotten to learn about that religion a bit. 
2) Met this lady who turns out she was married into the church ten years ago but never was baptized sooo we are teaching the family so that's pretty sweet. She still remembers a lot and good potentials. The missionaries before made it easy with the law of chastity thing hahah
3) We have an investigator and she is really cool! She can SING, she has sang for us and she can sing like Adelle with no problem. She can go way far in singing if she chooses to do that! I'll try sending a video next week.
4) We had stake conference yesterday in Port of Spain. All the missionaries sang as the choir (so all 20 of us haha) but it was really good. Some really great talks too. Trying to get the Trinis excited to do missionary work cuz you know idk how much longer we will be here.

Anyway I hope you have a great week! I like this saying here " When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves" so it's a lot about attitude and really any situation we are in you can make it a good one, when you have a great attitude about it. So I know that's true! Since I'm almost a year out, I have seen a change as I've changed my attitude from the start to now. And I'm so happy I'm able to be out here, to be able to bring this gospel to others!

-love elder bastian

**Colt didn't send any pics this time but these pics are from Elder Hunsaker to Brodie and she sent them to me!!!


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