Monday, March 13, 2017



Hey everyone!!

This week has been a good week. We are really working hard in our area. We have really been seeing a lot of cool people coming closer in the gospel. We are working hard even more cuz they might have to take all missionaries in Trinidad out cuz they won't allow permits to let us in. So that's pretty crazy, I was the last missionary to get on so I'll be the last to leave.

We did service with the other elders this Saturday picking up this members father's yard up. It was pretty fun moving a lot of heavy things around. So I was able to that with Elder Hunsaker too. We have been doing a lot of stuff together since we are so close by.

We had sports day today so all of the missionaries in Trinidad got together and played sports. Our zone was in charge so we did a few small games but then we played dodge ball. That was a blast!! Our zone won of course haha but it was great coming together for that.

We were able to have an investigator at church. The church is like 20 minutes away so it's really hard getting people coming out. But we were able to have Katlyan come out. She really enjoyed it, so can't wait to see her keep coming! Also we had two less actives come they are teenagers and they haven't been to church in a while so that was pretty great. We have been working with them a lot here.

Other then that not too much happened. Continue to read and pray! As we do the small things, great things will come to past. love you all and have a great weeek!

-Elder Bastian 

one love
- service pics
- a kid got baptized that I taught a lot in Couva
- Elder Garcia at sports day
-random pics
-what the heat does to the bread (all the white is mold)

WHAT A HANDSOME MAN!!!!! (side note from mom)   :) 

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