Monday, May 22, 2017


Hey Everyone!!

Not much happened this week! Just the same old same old. We have been finding a couple of cool people to teach, some that are pretty interested. So we have a lot of new investigators here. A lot of the people you teach one lesson and set a next appointment but then they always cancel so that's been tough haha. But now we have a few solid people now to teach.

This last week we had an exchange so Elder Hagood and Elder Plumb (my old comps) came up Tobago for the night and stayed with us so that was really cool!! We had some fun and had a great exchange. Also this week a couple from Cali came here on vacation and came to church the last Sunday. They wanted to take us out to eat so they took us out to a really nice restaurant. It was weird sitting in a restaurant cuz I'm not use to it haha but it was great. And then on the exchange they took us out to some really nice Italian pizza. So they are really great and nice!

We had zone conference so we flew to Trinidad and back in the same day. We talked a lot about temples and how temples are mentioned all through out the bible and the importance of going to the temple. So it was a great conference, got to see all the missionaries finally haha.

But that's really about it. Have a great week!!
1nephi 17:3 and 1 nephi 18:3

As we have obedience in our lives, our heavenly father will bless us as we keep the commandments. Also prayer is such a powerful thing as we pray we have that communication with our Heavenly Father and as we pray we will see prayers answered and see great things come into our lives. So I challenge to all you PRAY and if you are praying, pray some more. 

love you all and thanks for all the prayers and support
Elder Colton Bastian
one love!

Elder Birch and I
plane trip back to Tobago
my breakfast I made
Tobago views
the nice couple from Cali, The Robertson's



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