Monday, May 8, 2017



Hey everyone!

So I'm here in Tobago now which is a really beautiful place! It's a view wherever I go. When I wake up I see the ocean so it's pretty great! Tobago is all country really, there is no big city just jungle bush and hills everywhere you go. So it's awesome haha I'll defiantly have some sweet pics this transfer. My companion is Elder Vance, he is from Idaho Falls. He's pretty cool, he came out like 3 or 4 months before me. 
The branch here is pretty small haha usually like 30 people at sacrament. So a big difference now haha so It'll be interesting here. I'll have to do a lot more work with the branch, trying to keep it in order and stuff. I have met some really cool people. There is a 89 yr old man who is a recent convert and he passes the sacrament. so that's awesome. Still wanting to exercise Priesthood that old. The people here is pretty nice too. So I'll have a lot of stories in the future. 
My apartment is nice, we can go on the roof and see the ocean so that's awesome. I'll send pics next week. Only thing is the cock roaches haha they are everywhere.
But we are working with great people here preparing some for baptism. So it'll be cool baptizing in the ocean.
Well not much else this week but I read 1 nephi 1:12 its a simple verse but as you read the book of moron or the scriptures you will have the spirit with you more in your life. so read!! haha
one love! john 15:4-5
elder colton bastian

pics- my plane, pretty small
view from house
my comp and I



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